Painting With Pumpkin Stamps Art Activity for Kids

A pumpkin is all you need for a simple fall painting activity with preschoolers. This year when you carve a jack-o-lantern from a pumpkin, save the pieces for this fun painting activity.

kids painting activity with pumpkin stamps

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The fall season brings cool temperatures, along with cool activities kids love!

 Here are just a few events to look forward to during the fall season.

Is carving a jack-o-lantern an annual event at your house or in your classroom?

You probably end up with pumpkin pieces in a variety of sizes and shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle. The pieces carved from a pumpkin provide an opportunity for some fun process art.

This painting shapes painting activity is an open-ended art activity, which means kids can explore materials without an expected result. This allows kids to freely engage in the creative process, choosing shapes and paint colors to make unique designs.

This might become your favorite new tradition for autumn!

Painting with pumpkin stamps

 Paint with pumpkin stamps in a Halloween themed activity for preschoolers


 1. Carve the pumpkin.

  • Trim each piece to remove the pulp and create a flat surface to make an effective stamp.

2.  Spread a large piece of brown wrapping paper or cardboard on the work area, outside if weather permits.

  • Provide paper for individual paintings as well as one large sheet for a group activity.


 Fall painting with pumpkin stamps


3.  Pour a variety of paint colors into a tray.

  • If preferred, provide a separate tray for each paint color.

4.  Press a pumpkin piece into the paint. Stamp onto the paper.


Guide the activity with comments about the designs the kids make with the pumpkin pieces.

  • You painted a row of red triangles and a row of blue circles.
  • What shape is your favorite?
  • Let's count the circles you made.

Extend the activity with simple challenges.

  1. Can you swipe a pumpkin piece like a paintbrush?
  2. Can you make the first letter of your name?
  3. Can you make a face with the stamps?
  4. Create a simple pattern with two or three pumpkin stamps. Ask your child to repeat the pattern.
  5. Encourage kids to create their own patterns.

Painting with pumpkin pieces is a fun way to extend your pumpkin carving activity. 

Start your new pumpkin stamps painting tradition this fall. Kids will think it's a cool idea!


painting with pumpkin cutouts preschool activity


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