Mason Jar Ornament Kid-Made Gift

Fill a mason jar with festive colors and materials to make a pretty Christmas ornament. Enjoy this decoration at home or give as a gift to a well-loved teacher or relative.

Kids can make a Christmas craft with a mason jar

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The Christmas season will soon be filled with vibrant colors as decorations appear in homes and stores. There are also lots of pretty craft materials available for making ornaments and decorations. Kids can help make the season special by creating homemade decorations of their own.

This craft is easy to adapt to any time of year or any event. Simply change the mini items placed in the mason jar to reflect a season or event. Use pastel colors for Easter, autumn colors for fall, or special items for a birthday. A mason jar filled with mini erasers or crayons will make a fun teacher gift.

A mason jar activity is hands-on fun, with lots of support for creativity along with fine motor and sensory play.


Mason jar Christmas craft

Mason jars are easy to reuse in crafts and activities. These sturdy jars are inexpensive and available in department stores or dollar stores.

This simple activity is a great way to include little ones in creating homemade decorations. Provide a variety of old and new items to keep the cost low while inspiring creativity.



Mason jar craft kids can make for Christmas





Christmas ornament easy to make with a mason jar


Layer pine cones and small decorations in the mason jar. Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar.

That's it! That's all there is to it.

Kids can fill the jar, and empty it, and fill it again until it looks just right. There is no right or wrong way to make this mason jar decoration.

This activity promotes sensory, fine motor and creative play as kids choose materials, sort and count items, and fill the jar. The only step they might ask for help with is tying a bow.


Christmas decor beautiful and inexpensive with mason jar ornaments


The end result will depend on the materials you provide and the items kids choose, making each mason jar Christmas decoration unique and beautiful!

Kids will be excited to give their mason jar ornaments to teachers and relatives. These homemade gifts share the vibrant colors of Christmas!

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