Countdown to Christmas with 12+ Family Crafts and Activities

Ready for an amazing countdown?  This collection of crafts and activities will keep you and the kids entertained during the last few days before Christmas.

Countdown to Christmas Activities - Preschool Toolkit

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This roundup of holiday activities was inspired by a traditional Christmas carol: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Count down from 12 to 1 with these great holiday activities.


I'm sharing fun and easy activities from some amazing family-friendly bloggers.

You'll find at least one activity for each of the 12 days before Christmas.

Sing along to the tune of the popular holiday song 12 Days of Christmas as you go through the list.


On the twelfth day of Christmas we start our family fun! (Sing along!)


12 Snowflakes Falling

            Magic Masking Tape Snowflake Paintings for Kids - Crafty Mama in ME    

11 Trees A-Glistening    

           Tissue Paper Christmas Tree Craft - Raising Little Superheroes

10 Angels Singing

            Choir of Angels Christmas Craft - Preschool Toolkit

9 Bells A-Jingling

            Jingle Bells Christmas Craft - The Resourceful Mama

8 Reindeer Running

            Craft Stick Reindeer Ornament - The Resourceful Mama

7 Cakes a-Baking             

            Oh So Delicious Black Bottom Cupcakes - Home Crafts by Ali

6 Snowmen Melting          

            Children's Winter Snow Day Books - Sensory Mom Secrets

5 Candy Canes               

            Easy Candy Cane Ornament - Books and Giggles             
4 Ornaments

            Homemade Kid Christmas Ornaments - Local Busy Bees

3 Pine Cones

            Christmas Centerpiece Made With Pine Cones 

 2 Sparkling Stars

            Sparking Star Ornament 

And a Santa with a White Beard !


Merry Christmas from Preschool Toolkit and friends!


This roundup can be found at Made for Kids Blog Link Party #15

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