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How to Use Lego® Horses in a Small World Equestrian Event

Equestrian event for small world play - Preschool Toolkit

Building blocks offer amazing opportunities for imaginative play - they can just as easily become towers in a castle as rockets on a launchpad.Read more about 'How to Use Lego® Horses in a Small World Equestrian Event'...

Simple Science Activities for Preschoolers

Science activities for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

Kids of every age love to experiment and explore. Preschoolers especially love to observe their surroundings as they gain more independence and broaden their interests and skill levels.Read more about 'Simple Science Activities for Preschoolers'...

Bowling Game Fine Motor Activity with Building Blocks

Bowling with building blocks

There are so many ways to play with building blocks - you can sort, stack, build and rebuild! Extend the fun with hands-on activities from The Unofficial Guide to Learning...Read more about 'Bowling Game Fine Motor Activity with Building Blocks '...

Barefoot Walk Sensory Play Preschool Activity

Barefoot sensory walk - Preschool Toolkit

Kids engage their senses in many ways as they play - splashing water, peering through binoculars, and dancing to lively music.Read more about 'Barefoot Walk Sensory Play Preschool Activity'...

3 Awesome Ways to Explore Math with a Watermelon

Watermelon activities shapes and weights for preschool summer math theme

Are you as excited for watermelon season as we are? Extend your enjoyment of the harvest with this fun math activity that explores fractions, shapes, and weights with a watermelon. Read more about '3 Awesome Ways to Explore Math with a Watermelon'...

Kids in the Kitchen Sensory Activity

Kitchen sensory play with flour kids activity

Kids love to help in the kitchen - squishing egg yolks, stirring sticky batter, and munching cookies warm from the oven! When the measuring and mixing are over, you can...Read more about 'Kids in the Kitchen Sensory Activity'...

Caterpillar and Leaves for the Felt Board


Caterpillars are fun insects for kids to explore - they're fuzzy, and crawly, and they like to climb trees to munch on leaves! Try this fun activity for kids that...Read more about 'Caterpillar and Leaves for the Felt Board'...

DIY Train Station for Pretend Play

PA150005 3

You can easily transform a cardboard box into a train station for pretend play. Passengers will soon be gathering at the station to board the Playtime Express.Read more about 'DIY Train Station for Pretend Play'...

How to Make a Sense of Touch Book For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sense of touch DIY book for toddlers and preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

Kids have fun using all their senses as they explore the world around them. This touch and feel book is one way to engage kids with the sense of touch.Read more about 'How to Make a Sense of Touch Book For Toddlers and Preschoolers'...

A Locomotive Kids Can Make for Pretend Play

Locomotive craft for preschoolers for pretend play

Can you hear the locomotive chugging down the track? The sights and sounds of the locomotive are part of the fun in pretend play.Read more about 'A Locomotive Kids Can Make for Pretend Play'...



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