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Preschool Math Activity Sorting Jar Lids

Sort jar lids by color in preschool math activities

Colorful jar lids are easy to recycle for preschool activities. Kids will love sorting and counting a variety of jar lids with these simple hands-on math activities. Read more about 'Preschool Math Activity Sorting Jar Lids'...

Preschool Sorting Activity Using Recycled Denim Pockets

Preschool sorting activity using recycled denim pockets

This unique sorting activity is easy to make with pockets removed from worn or discarded denim clothing.Read more about 'Preschool Sorting Activity Using Recycled Denim Pockets'...

DIY Indoor Bowling Game Counting Activity

Bowling game for indoor play with preschoolers2

This indoor bowling game is fun to have on hand for rainy days or boredom busters.Read more about 'DIY Indoor Bowling Game Counting Activity'...

Fun Lift-the-Flaps Valentine Game to Play with Preschoolers

Lift the flaps Valentine game for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

This is a fun Valentine game you can play with a large or small group of children. The game promotes gross motor movement while engaging counting, fine motor and sensory skills.Read more about 'Fun Lift-the-Flaps Valentine Game to Play with Preschoolers'...

Sorting Shapes Preschool Math Activity

Preschool math activity sorting objects with different shapes and colors

Engage fine motor and math skills with this simple shapes activity. Kids can match everyday objects to their outlines drawn on a card.Read more about 'Sorting Shapes Preschool Math Activity'...

DIY Counting Book and Thematic Unit for Preschoolers

homemade counting book preschool activity

This is a fun counting book to make with preschoolers. Large numerals and colorful pictures give this early counting book interest and readability.Read more about 'DIY Counting Book and Thematic Unit for Preschoolers'...

Tracing leaves

Tracing leaves activity for kids

In this nature activity, kids can explore leaves by sorting, matching and tracing. Nature activities with trees and leaves provide a closer association with the outdoors while engaging valuable developmental skills.Read more about 'Tracing Leaves Fine Motor Preschool Activity'...

Preschool Math Activity Counting 1-2-3

Counting wheel easy to make for preschool activity

This counting resource is a fun way to practice math skills. Preschoolers can learn number recognition, matching number values to corresponding quantities of dots, and counting in order from 1...Read more about 'Preschool Math Activity Counting 1-2-3 '...

Apple Craft and Rhyming Activity for Preschool

Apple craft and activity for preschoolers

This apple activity is a fun way to help preschoolers recognize and name numerals. Kids can have fun making the apple craft, then play a countdown game using the apple rhyme.Read more about 'Apple Craft and Rhyming Activity for Preschool'...



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