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3 Awesome Ways to Explore Math with a Watermelon

Watermelon activities shapes and weights for preschool summer math theme

Are you as excited for watermelon season as we are? Extend your enjoyment of the harvest with this fun math activity that explores fractions, shapes, and weights with a watermelon.Read more about '3 Awesome Ways to Explore Math with a Watermelon'...

Caterpillar and Leaves for the Felt Board


Caterpillars are fun insects for kids to explore - they're fuzzy, and crawly, and they like to climb trees to munch on leaves! Try this fun activity for kids that...Read more about 'Caterpillar and Leaves for the Felt Board'...

Simple Valentine Counting Game for Preschoolers

Math cards DIY with Valentine theme for preschool counting and sorting activities

Holidays and special events add a festive touch to games and activities, and Valentine's Day is no exception! In this Valentine activity, kids sort, count, and match heart shapes, using...Read more about 'Simple Valentine Counting Game for Preschoolers'...

Fall Leaves Preschool Sorting Activity

Autumn leaves sorting activity - Preschool Toolkit

The crunch of autumn leaves under your feet is a sign of the changing season. For many of us it means raking leaves! Fortunately there are also lots of exciting...Read more about 'Fall Leaves Preschool Sorting Activity '...

How to Make Shapes with Colorful Feathers

Shapes activity with feathers for preschool math and sensory play

Feathers are a great option for kids crafts and activities. They are easy to set up and clean up, they are lightweight and durable, and they are quiet.Read more about 'How to Make Shapes with Colorful Feathers'...

How to Make a Pumpkin Puzzle with a Paper Plate

Pumpkin paper plate puzzle - Preschool Toolkit

Puzzles are lots of fun for kids, but too many pieces can be frustrating, and small pieces often go missing! In this activity, kids create puzzles with just a few...Read more about 'How to Make a Pumpkin Puzzle with a Paper Plate'...

Painting and Matching Wood Blocks Preschool Activity

Matching activity using small wooden blocks

Wood blocks are one of the simplest yet most beneficial materials kids can explore. This wood block activity provides an opportunity for kids to paint, sort, and play matching games.Read more about 'Painting and Matching Wood Blocks Preschool Activity'...

Mixing Earth Materials in a Jar Science Activity for Kids

Mixing earth materials science activity for kids

Hands-on exploration of earth materials combines outdoor play with scientific discovery. This simple science activity gets you digging for clues as you collect raw materials to mix in a jar.Read more about 'Mixing Earth Materials in a Jar Science Activity for Kids'...

Marble Run With an Inclined Plane

Marble run with an inclined plane - Preschool Toolkit

My first activity with an inclined plane was so much fun, I decided to create a second one.Read more about 'Marble Run With an Inclined Plane'...

Patterning With Colorful Dots Preschool Math Activity

Patterning with colorful dots math activity - Preschool Toolkit

Children can learn to recognize, copy and repeat patterns with hands-on games and activities. This patterning activity is easy to setup with colorful self-adhesive dots and some recycled plastic cups.Read more about 'Patterning With Colorful Dots Preschool Math Activity'...



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