Preschool Math Activity Counting 1-2-3

This counting resource is a fun way to practice math skills. Preschoolers can learn number recognition, matching number values to corresponding quantities of dots, and counting in order from 1 to 4. 

Counting wheel activity hands-on learning with preschoolers

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Homemade resources are fun to add to your toolkit, and help recycle materials that might otherwise become garbage. You can easily make this simple counting tool with some cardboard and everyday craft supplies. 

You can make a counting wheel for the classroom, and kids can help make their own to use at home.



Homemade counting tool for learning numbers


  • Self-adhesive numbers and dots
  • Cardstock or cardboard
  • Paper fasteners

I couldn't find stick-on numbers to fit the smaller wheel so I cut them out myself. You might notice I used a different version of the number 4 than the one that comes in the package.


1. Cut out a cardboard frame 8.5 inches long x 9 inches wide (22 x 23 cm).

2. Cut two circles (wheels) from cardboard - one 6 inch (15 cm) diameter and one 4 inch ( 10 cm) diameter.

3. Divide each circle into four equal sections by intersecting two lines as shown in the diagram.

4. Put dot stickers in each section of the large wheel.

5. Put a numeral in each section of the small wheel.


Number wheel for practicing early math skills with toddlers and preschoolers


4. Cut two notches in the cardstock frame as shown in the diagram, a larger one at the top, a smaller one at the side.

The opening of the larger cut-out V measures 4 inches (10 cm) across the top. The V-shape will match the size of one of the sections created in the larger circle.

The opening on the right-hand side measures 3 inches (7.5 cm) across. This notch will match the size of one section in the smaller circle.

5. Line up a section of the large wheel with the large opening in the base. Attach the wheel to the frame with a paper fastener. The divided sections of the wheel should be revealed one at a time as the wheel is rotated.

Repeat the process with the small wheel.


Homemade counting activity for preschoolers



Kids can make a counting wheel

To help kids make a counting wheel, prepare the frame and two circles ahead of time. You might also want to make the holes for the paper fasteners. You can also help kids assemble the counter if necessary.

Kids can color the frame or decorate the frame with stickers.



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