Valentine Characters Paper Craft for Kids

Kids will love creating these unique Valentine characters for awesome pretend play and puppet shows. The characters are easy to make with heart shaped paper cut outs. Support fine motor skills and build imaginations with this fun preschool activity.
Valentine characters paper craft for kids


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This activity is fun for kids from toddler to kindergarten. Create characters to represent family members or friends, or to extend a preschool theme such as seasons or jobs.

Download the free printable, then print onto plain printer paper, or create templates to transfer patterns to printed or colored papers. 

This paper 'people' activity provides lots of opportunity to cut out paper shapes, design a unique character, and glue pieces together.

The template is easy to download and print.

Valentine characters printable


Valentine characters paper craft

Paper crafts are perfect for preschoolers. The cutting and gluing strengthen fine motor skills that are important for future writing skills. The creativity and imagination kids bring to the project will be supported by the variety of materials you provide.

Complete the project with paper and craft supplies you have on hand. Resulting 'people' will be as unique as the children who make them. A character can be made up and silly, or based on a person your child knows in the family or community.

Cutting, coloring and gluing don't have to be perfect. Results will vary according to the skill level and creativity of each child.


Provide paper for the printer, markers and crayons for coloring, and small craft items for finishing the characters.

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    Cardstock                   Printer paper           Construction paper




Printable Valentine patterns for paper cut outs


Print the freebie onto colored or plain paper. 

Valentine characters printable


1. Printing the download onto cardstock will result in a sturdier 'person' for kids to handle.

2. Cut out the pieces to use as individual templates. Trace onto patterned or textured paper.


Valentine shapes paper craft


If you download onto plain paper, color with crayons or markers.

Cut out the pieces to make your character.


Valentine STEM activity with paper shapes


Arrange the paper cut outs to build a 'person' or character.

Glue the pieces together.


Decorate Valentine people cutouts with craft materials.


Complete the characters with creative finishes. Here are a few suggestions.


  • Color with crayons.
  • Add burlap threads for hair.
  • Use narrow ribbon for arms.
  • Glue buttons on the shirt and overalls.


  • Print template on pink paper.
  • Cut overalls from printed paper.
  • Add a decorative paper cutout for hair.
  • Cut out paper rectangles for arms.


Valentine paper cutouts fine motor craft


 Fun and easy paper craft for Valentine's Day

Color cut and glue fine motor paper craft for kids


You can see the amazing possibilities for making your 'people'.

Use your characters in a puppet show for fun imaginative play!


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