Why Reading is Extra Special With Grandparents

One of the most rewarding activities for a grandparent and a grandchild is reading a book together. To celebrate Grandparent's Day, here are some thoughts on why story time is extra special when grandparents read to the kids.

Reading with grandparents is special for kids - Preschool Toolkit

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Grandparents are an important part of the growth and development of their grandchildren - they provide comfort and stability through contact and support; they bring their unique knowledge and experience to family interactions; they are a source of new insight and adventure during playtime and activities.

Grandparents often have diverse roles in the family: some are caregivers; others host a weekly family meal; some have careers, volunteer in the community, or run marathons. 

Time spent with grandparents is often precious, especially if they are not present on a daily basis or do not live nearby. One of the ways grandparents and grand kids can make the most of their time together is with reading and story telling.


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Reading with grandparents

Grandparents often bring a wealth of information and experience to kids. This can help increase kids' knowledge of their environment and support early language skills. Grandparents may be able to tell stories from their own day to day interactions, or listen to kids relay tales of school or home.

Grandparents can read books from a child's own collection or bring books to share reading times with kids. The books grandparents bring will stir interest when introduced to the setting, and can be new or familiar stories.

Books add pictures and text to story telling, as well as hands-on interaction by drawing attention to details in an illustration or words in the title or text.

Here are a few thoughts on why reading times are special with grandparents.


Why reading is special with grandparents


Grandparents aren't around all the time.

Reading with grandparents is often a break from the normal routine.  Grandparents' voices might be familiar, but if they are not heard reading story books regularly they can add a unique and interesting tone to a favorite story.


Grandparents make kids feel important.

Kids benefit from the caring attention they receive during one-on-one time spent reading with a grandparent. Grandparents not only express interest in what book their grandchild chooses to read, but they are ready to listen when kids tell their own stories of things that happened in school or things they saw at the park.


Grandparents make reading fun. 

Grandparents are generally as excited as the grand-kids to have opportunities to read together. And they like to plan special activities around reading, like taking the grand-kids to the library, and giving them books as birthday gifts. They play games that require reading instructions on a game board or a deck of cards. 


Grandparents share their own stories.

Grandparents bring their unique experiences to story time. They can compare activities or events in a story to how they did things when they were kids. Or they might read a favorite or traditional story that they remember reading to the grandchild's parent when he or she was a child.


Every day with grandparents can be a celebration, and story time is one way to celebrate.

Regardless of age or circumstance, or whether they call themselves Grandma and Gramps, or Nana and Papa, they are grandparents to the little ones who love them. And one of the special activities they can do with kids is read books together!



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