Winter Castle STEAM Activity for Preschoolers

Kids can easily make a winter castle for exciting small world adventures. This winter castle, made with everyday materials, provides a perfect opportunity for adding both STEAM and pretend play to your daily activities.

Winter castle STEAM activity for kids

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There are endless possibilities for interpretation and innovation with this winter castle activity. 

With open-ended early learning activities like this one, participation and engagement are more important than the outcome. 

Kids can help choose materials, design the layout, and create stories around the characters who live in the castle. As they design and build a winter castle, kids will also build their creative and cognitive skills. 



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STEAM = Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math


Supplies for winter castle building activity


We chose white and silver materials for the castle to give it the wintry appearance.

The supplies shown are things we used to make the winter castle. Other materials you have on hand can easily be used in place of, or added to, any of these items.

  • large foam base
  • white wrap and tissue
  • white boxes
  • white building materials (trims)
  • foam packaging
  • fluffy cotton


Here are some suggestions for making the castle, based on the materials we used.


Winter castle STEAM activity for preschoolers


How to make a winter castle:


  • Cover some rectangle boxes with shiny or glittery papers to form the corner towers. Right: clear cellophane paper (the kind used to wrap gift baskets) (ours had snowflake design) Left: sparkly tissue paper. Center back: aluminum foil.
  • Make rooms inside the castle with small boxes or folded pieces of white cardboard. We had some foam packing pieces with openings that resembled doorways. These became rooms at the back corners inside the castle.
  • Outline the perimeter of the castle with pieces of white cardboard and the larger boxes.
  • Add some snow with cotton balls or white pillow stuffing.
  • Glue or tape pieces in place as you build your castle. Allow enough time to arrange and rearrange the pieces before securing to the base,or leave some pieces movable
  • Make a staircase and working drawbridge (see below).


How to make a drawbridge and staircase


How to make steps and drawbridge for the winter castle kids activity



  • Cut two pieces of corner bead to the required length to fit the door opening. Glue the 2 pieces of corner bead together in a width that fits the door opening. 


drawbridge for winter castle craft and activity


  • Fasten the completed drawbridge to the door opening with paper fasteners through the side holes at the base of the drawbridge.
  • Attach 2 lengths of narrow chain to the outer end of the drawbridge, 1 piece of chain through a hole on each side of the drawbridge.


Inside view of the construction of the drawbridge in the winter castle craft


Back view of the winter castle kids activity


  • On the inside, insert a paper fastener near the top of each side of the door opening to hold the narrow chain until it is needed to raise or lower the drawbridge.


 Miniature staircase in winter castle preschool activity


  • Cut solid foam into decreasing sizes.
  • Glue pieces together and place inside the castle.


 Winter castle with drawbridge kids craft and activity


A winter castle is magical and inviting provides lots of hands-on learning! Kids will love raising and lowering the drawbridge, and creating stories for their characters.


Winter castle small world preschool STEAM activity


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