Winter Village Small World Play

A small world town with a winter or Christmas theme is a fun creative play activity for kids. Combine fine motor skills and imagination to build a tiny town. It's fun to play with and display for friends and family to enjoy.

Christmas in the town cardboard craft for preschool and kindergarten

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Small world play is big time fun!

This idea for a little village or town is the perfect inspiration to get hands-on with small world play.

The whole family will enjoy this creative hands-on project. Grownups and kids can work together to create a little town with a snowy winter theme.

The fun is in the construction process not the result. Everyone's village or town will look different and unique.

Kids will use creative skills as well as engineering and fine motor skills to design and build a small world town.  Fill the town with houses, vehicles, and people and animals.

The finished village is fun to use in pretend play, and it can even be displayed as a Christmas decoration.

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Christmas village small world play

A small world village can be as creative as your imagination allows. 

This activity uses a basic cardboard cut-out for the houses in the village.

The houses will be the starting point for making the village, with details added as you imagine and create.

Supplies for small world village


Supplies for winter village small world play


  • cardboard
  • cotton fluff
  • pine cones
  • decorations
  • small parts - figurines, fences, animals


Instructions for a small world village

Make the houses

1. The cardboard template for the house measures 4.25 x 4.75 inches (10.5 cm x 12 cm).

Two slits are cut into the house to form a doorway .75 x 4 inches (2 x 10 cm), approximately 1.25 inches (3 cm) from the side of the house.

The top portion of the door remains attached to the house like a hinge.

Your house can take on any dimensions, and the doorway can be centered if preferred. Our pattern is actually part of the packaging from a product box, and it inspired the idea for this winter village!

2. The snowman was cut from a Christmas card.

3. The fence is made with craft sticks glued together and inserted into a foam base.

4. Additional items such as the little girl in the red coat, the red bow and the gift box were removed from Christmas decorations.


Cardboard template for houses in small world town


Cut each house from cardboard. Decorate each house.

Here are some ideas.

  • Color with crayons or markers.
  • Paint and let dry.
  • Cover with decorative paper.

Bend the cut-away portion back to reveal the doorway. This also serves as a stand to support the uptight house.

Build the village

Cardboard houses in the winter village scene


Build your town on a white table cloth or sheet. Your town can be set up on a table or on the floor.

Place your houses in the village, either randomly or along a 'street'.

Place wisps of cotton batting snow in yards and around fences. Outline paths between the houses with 'snow'. You can even make a snow hill for sledding!

Add toy animals, people and other props.

Decorate the houses with tiny Christmas decorations.

Make a sled with a small rectangle of corrugated cardboard. Roll one end of the cardboard around your finger or a pencil to form the front of the sled.


Winter small world play with cardboard houses and pine cone trees


Add pine cone trees to the town. Sprinkle the trees with glitter or add tiny bits of cotton fluff snow.

Snow in the town for winter small world play


Set up your small world town on a table. It will be accessible for playing as well as viewing.


Small world play for kids with a snowy town street at Christmas time


Set up the small world in an area on the floor.

  • Place a piece of plywood or sturdy cardboard under a white covering to allow the town to be moved out of the way when necessary.


Santa visits the winter village kids craft and small world play


Classroom project

Set up a table in a corner of the room and cover with a white cloth.

Provide cardboard house templates for kids to decorate and place in the 'town'.

Add cotton fluff snow and various props to enhance the winter scene.


winter theme craft and pretend play


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