Apple Craft and Rhyming Activity for Preschool

This rhyming game is a fun way to help preschoolers learn the names of their classmates, while reinforcing beginning number recognition. Kids can make the apple craft, then play a countdown game using the apple rhyme.

Apple rhyming back to school activity for preschoolers

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Back-to-school means lots of new faces to see, and lots of new names to remember. Along with an environment and materials that encourage play-based learning, social interactions are recognized as an important part of the busy-ness of the classroom.

A simple craft and rhyming game activity promotes fun and learning in the classroom in a welcoming way.


Supplies for an apple rhyming game for back to school


  • construction paper
  • apple template
  • glue
  • numerals
  • hole punch
  • narrow ribbon



Apple craft and activity for preschoolers


1. Trace the apple pattern onto construction paper. Cut out the apple.      

(As an option, the apple, leaf and stem may be cut from plain paper for the children to color.)

2. Hole punch around the perimeter of the apple.

3. Lace the apple with narrow ribbon, allowing enough for a handle.

4. Cut out a stem and leaf from construction paper and glue to the apple.

5. Glue a paper numeral to each apple, or use self-adhesive numerals.


Parents and teachers can make a set of apples to use in the home or classroom, while kids can individual apples to label with their names. Laminate the apples for durability.


Play the countdown game.

Play this rhyming game in the classroom to help kids learn the names of their new friends and classmates, while practicing numbers 1 to 5.

1. Children line up with their "apples", in order from one to five. (Engaging a small number of children at a time can make it easier to remember names and numerals.)

2. Play a takeaway game using the apple rhyme below. Repeat the rhyme until all the children have participated.


Five little apples on a new school day -
If ____(name)_______ eats an apple – crunch, crunch, crunch – take one away.

Four little apples on a new school day -
If ____(name)_______ eats an apple – crunch, crunch, crunch – take one away.

......and so on, counting backwards until each apple is "eaten"!

A is for Apple Pinterest board.

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