Convenient Guide for Preparing an Early Learning Program - 4 Part Series

Teaching preschoolers is a rewarding occupation that benefits both you and the children in your care. Engaging with early learners in a quality program stimulates creativity, imagination and discovery. This series of four posts contains useful tips, samples and suggestions that will help you plan and develop your early learning program. 

How to develop an early learning program

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What does this series deliver?

This series may be useful whether you are interested in becoming an early childhood educator, currently enrolled in a training program, or planning to introduce or refresh a curriculum.

Whatever your circumstances, the information provided here can be a useful reference as you continue your journey with early childhood education.

Summary of the posts in the series:

The posts in this series offer helpful information as you:


At the end of this post look for additional resources on related topics from knowledgeable bloggers.

Your unique journey to planning and implementing a preschool program will be challenging and take some hard work, but the results will be satisfying and rewarding.

Under your guidance as teacher, or parent, preschoolers have opportunities to engage important skills that will benefit their growth and development. 


This series is intended is provide guidelines for developing an early learning program. The program you implement will be influenced by several factors, including training and environment, as well as your unique approach in response to the needs and requirements of the children in your care.


Developing an early learning program - Preschool Toolkit

  Part 1: Determining the Goals of your Early Learning Program

"This article discusses how goals and values help shape your program."



schedule for early learning program

 Part 2: Establishing a Daily Schedule for Your Early Learning Program

"This post provides tips for scheduling the
daily events that will accommodate your goals".




Exploring the value of a daily planner - Preschool Toolkit

  Part 3: Why There is Value in a Daily Planner for Your Early Learning Program

"This article highlights the benefits of a daily planner
for organizing daily activities in the scheduled times allotted."




 Part 4: Planning Quality Content for Your Early Learning Program

 "This post helps you determine what is appropriate content for your program."


A preschool teacher's day can be filled with planned activities that often bring unexpected results! Spontaneity is the one thing you can depend on in the home or in the classroom.

By engaging with early learners in positive and creative ways, you become an important part of the learning process. Kids will look forward to creating, singing, playing, and discovering with a teacher who loves to create, sing, play and discover right along with them!

The training and experience you bring to the early learning environment will first and foremost benefit the children in your care. How you guide, and respond to, children's skill levels and daily choices will influence their view and understanding of their learning environment.


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