Barefoot Walk Sensory Play Preschool Activity

Have fun exploring the sense of touch with this barefoot sensory activity. Create a fun space for walking with textured mats and other materials spread on the floor.

indoor play sensory walk activity

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Do your kids like to go barefoot around the house?  When mine were little they usually hit the floor running in the morning, so bare feet were the norm.

We might pull on socks on an especially cold wintery day, but barefoot was the preferred mode of motion. 

This sensory walk activity is a no-brainer for kids who like to move and explore with bare feet.  You and the kids can work together to set up this fun activity. Use items you have on hand to create a variety of surfaces that spark hands-on - or 'feet-on' -  sensory experiences.

Kick off your shoes and get started!


Barefoot sensory play


sensory walk activity


Look for household items that have different colors and textures.

  • We used a yoga mat, a long piece of corrugated cardboard, and a hall runner. You can cut the cardboard to match the width of the yoga mat and hall runner to define the space.

  • Other options include bubble wrap, canvas, a furry blanket, a foam play mat.

  • Materials can be cut in different sizes and shapes to fit the space, and add interest to the activity.


Barefoot walk


How to set up a sensory walk

Place materials with different textures end to end.

  • Use materials that will not slide around easily, depending on whether your floor covering is wood, vinyl or carpet.

You can place pieces of foam or rubber under certain materials to help keep them in place.

Alternatively, use rolled tape under materials to avoid them moving on the floor.


How to go on an indoor sensory walk

Incorporate different movements as kids move along the sensory walk. 

  • Walk on tiptoe.
  • Walk sideways.
  • Take baby steps or giant steps.
  • Hop.


Stop on a part of the path and wiggle your toes.

Incorporate yoga moves like the 'bear' with hands on the floor in front as you walk.


Activities like the sensory walk help kids engage their senses in meaningful ways.

They also benefit from participating in the setup: observing available space; lining up materials; getting lots of exercise.

Kick off your day with this fun activity!

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Barefoot walk sensory activity


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