Book Review - The Monsters Inside

The Monsters Inside is a story about a boy named Jack, who learns how to calm big feelings in a positive way. The story is entertaining and informative, using cheerful rhyming verse to teach a calming technique.

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The Monsters Inside

Written by Belinda O'Brien    Illustrations by Jemina Venter    Published by Tiger Tot Books

Jack is a bright and loving little boy who has fun playing with his friends. But when things don't go his way, Jack can get angry or frustrated in a big way. That's when the monsters "come out to play". The monsters represent Jack's emotions when they get out of control and trigger outbursts that are hurtful to Jack's friends. One day when Jack starts to get upset, his mother shares a comforting hug along with a plan to help him recognize and respond to his feelings. Now Jack can calm down the monsters before they take over and ruin his day.

The Monsters Inside teaches a breathing technique that kids can apply when emotions start to become overwhelming. The story is told in lyrical rhyming verse with bright, kid-friendly drawings portraying Jack, his mother, his friends, and some colorful monsters. The singsong repetition of the chorus will appeal to kids and help them remember the breathing technique to put into practice when needed.

While it is important for kids to learn to express their feelings in healthy ways, it is also important for them to be reassured that anger and frustration are real and relevant emotions felt by everyone. Reading with kids can be an important contribution to the role grownups play in talking about and sharing emotions. The Monsters Inside is a good place to start the conversation.


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