Beautiful Christmas Angel Family Craft

You and the kids will love making this Christmas angel, especially when you discover how the wings are made. With some recyclables and easy instructions, you'll soon have a beautiful angel to display this Christmas. 

Christmas angel craft with hand print glitter wings - Preschool Toolkit

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This angel craft is fun to make, and can be enjoyed as a beautiful keepsake.

Simple instructions and large photos will guide you through the tutorial.

You can easily substitute your own craft materials once you see how the angel is made.

Enjoy the activity, especially making the special angel wings!

Supplies for Christmas angel craft - Preschool Toolkit



  dish detergent bottle             gold or silver fabric 
     white foam sheet                  narrow ribbon
      chenille stem                          cotton fluff
       hole punch                             foam ball
         craft eyes                               glitter
         scissors                                   glue


Gown pattern for Christmas angel craft - Preschool Toolkit



1. Cut out a fabric circle 22 - 24 in.(60 cm.) in diameter (or to fit the height of the bottle).

2. Make a hole in the middle of the fabric circle to fit over the neck of the bottle.

Christmas angel craft with gown and head - Preschool Toolkit

3. Place the fabric over the bottle.

4. Press the foam ball firmly onto the top of the bottle.

Hand prints for Christmas angel wings - Preschool Toolkit

5. Trace your child's hands on the foam sheet to make the angel's wings.

Christmas angel with hand print glitter wings

6. Cut out the hands without indenting the fingers all the way.

7. Spread glue on the hands and shake glitter onto the glue.

8. Hole punch through both thumbs.

Christmas Angel Craft glitter wings with ribbon - Preschool Toolkit

9. Loop a long piece of narrow ribbon through the holes in the thumbs as shown.

10. Draw the thumbs together so that one hole overlaps the other.

Christmas angel craft decoration front view - Preschool Toolkit

11. Wrap the ribbon around the neck of the bottle and secure with a bow.

12. Glue some hair and craft eyes to the head.

13. Paint or draw a tiny mouth.

14. Make a halo with the chenille stem and place on top of the hair.

Hand print angel wings back view - Preschool Toolkit

Note: Reverse the hands before adding the glitter so the hand prints can be seen!

Christmas angel craft with glitter wings - Preschool Toolkit

Christmas angel craft decoration - Preschool Toolkit

Display your Christmas angel for everyone to enjoy!


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