Fireworks Preschool Craft with Confetti and Glue

Kids can make their own version of sparkly fireworks with some colorful confetti and a bit of glue. Celebrate a festive occasion with this easy, open-ended craft.

 Confetti fireworks preschool craft

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This fun activity was inspired by the image of fireworks bring tossed in the air like confetti! Kids will love making these amazing pictures on New Year's Eve, or for any festive celebration.

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Only a few supplies are needed to set up this activity. 

Supplies for confetti fireworks
  • construction paper
  • confetti
  • glue


                       Supplies found on Amazon



Although you can easily buy confetti online, we made our own by hole punching scraps of paper. The more confetti you have the better, so be prepared to do lots of hole punching!


make confetti by hole punching paper


The three-hole punch is easy to use and does most of the work for you, but a hand-held hole punch is great for working those hand and finger muscles! Try a combination of both to make lots of confetti. 

Instructions for confetti fireworks


Apply glue to resemble a fireworks pattern

1. Spread glue in lines on the construction paper to resemble fireworks. You can draw lines for younger kids to follow, but there doesn't have to be a set pattern for the resulting picture of fireworks. Kids can be creative with where the lines are made.

press paper onto confetti with glued side down

2. Lay the glued side of the construction paper face down on confetti and rub gently over the paper with your hand.


fireworks confetti craft for kids

3. Remove paper and discover fireworks! You can add bits of confetti with finger tips to fill in places where you want more color.

 This fun activity engages creative and fine motor skills, and the resulting picture will make a beautiful decoration for your celebration.


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