How to Make a Sparkly Kids Crown for New Year's Eve

This glittering crown is easy for kids to make with foil. Preschoolers can wear this festive crown for pretend play, or for celebrating a special occasion such as New Year's Eve.

kids pretend play dress-up crown

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Everyone can be king or queen for a day with this fun craft! Make this glittering crown for pretend play or special events like New Year's Eve.

Kids will love creating sparkly 'jewels' to decorate a crown with lots of glitter.

Biodegradable glitter is recommended for kids crafts. Plastic glitter is not eco-friendly. You can also use paper confetti in crafts.

You can buy confetti already cut, or use a hole-punch to create your own. (affiliate links)

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Sparkly crown kids craft

Costumes and other props inspire child-led pretend play, and support early learning skills.

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Here are just a few ways to play with your new crown!

  • A glittery crown is the perfect addition to a dress-up costume when role-playing kings and queens in a castle.

  • Wearing a sparkly crown makes and event like New Year's Eve even more special. Dressing up for the countdown is part of the excitement of this annual festivity.

  • A crown craft supports the development of kids' creative and fine motor skills. Kids can plan designs, choose decorations, and cut out and glue the crowns together.

Let's get started!

Instructions for a foil crown


Fold long edge of foil over to make a foil crown


1. Start with a piece of aluminum foil approximately 12 in. x 20 in. (30 cm x 51 cm), or long enough to fit comfortably around your child's head.

2. Fold the long side up about two inches, then fold over two more times. This will make a strong band for the crown. The top 2 - 3 inches will become the tips of the crown. (see below)

3. Trace shape cut-outs onto foil, and cut them out to make "jewels" to decorate the crown.


Draw the tips of the crown onto the foil and cut out

4. Transfer a pattern onto the foil for the tips of the crown, or draw them by hand.

My pattern is a paper crown that came in a holiday popper!

5. Cut out the pattern to form the top of the crown.


Add glitter confetti or beads to a foil crown

6. Spread glue on the foil shapes, then sprinkle confetti over the glue to make "jewels".

7. Glue the "jewels" to the outside of the band (the fold should be on the inside).

Foil crown craft for preschool pretend play or New Years Eve celebration

8. Tape the ends together and your glittery crown is ready for pretend play or a New Year's Eve celebration.

 Add a cape, a blanket fort, a magic wand, or a broom-handle horse to the pretend play.

 Crown kids craft for New Year's Eve


Here's a look at a couple of the crowns we made.

  • The glitter was sprinkled directly on these crowns without the cut-out gems.

  • The crowns were also decorated with glitter glue. 

Allow kids to explore the materials and come up with their own unique ideas for making crowns!

King and Queen pretend play with a crown craft for preschoolers


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Try these New Year's Eve ideas while wearing the glittery foil crown you made with the kids!


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