How to Decorate for Canada Day with Easy Family Crafts

National holidays are perfect opportunities for family celebrations. Complement your Canada Day festivities with simple homemade decorations everyone will love. 

Canada Day celebrations - Preschool Toolkit
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Decorate for Canada Day with simple but effective bouquets of 'maple leaf' flowers.

The maple leaf flowers can be displayed in a vase on the table to help celebrate Canada Day.


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Canada Day crafts - Preschool Toolkit



Supplies for 'maple leaf' flowers
  • maple leaf design on a paper napkin
  • straws or sticks
  • glue
  • cardstock
  • ribbon
  • scissors


Canada Day celebrations - Preschool Toolkit


 Instructions for 'maple leaf' flowers

1. Cut the maple leaf from the napkin.

2. Glue the leaf to cardboard or cardstock.

3. Cut out the leaf with a narrow white border around it and a 'stem' at the bottom.

4. Push the stem into the straw or tape to a stick.


 Canada Day celebrations - Preschool Toolkit

Display a small bouquet of flowers in a vase to add flair to your table. 


Happy Canada Day!


Canada Day celebrations - Preschool Toolkit 


More ways to use maple leaf cutouts
  • Place markers for the table
  • Name tags for family reunions


Decorating the house or yard is often a big part of Canada Day celebrations. You might hang a flag or wreath at the front of your house, or display traditional plants or flowers. A bouquet of maple leaf flowers is a fun craft that kids can help make for Canada Day.

Note: This activity can be adapted to any country or region simply by drawing or cutting out a design representing the flag or any recognized symbol of your area.


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