Homemade Bean Bags for Kids Activities

Denim can easily be recycled into bean bags to be used in kids' games. The bean bags only take minutes to make and kids will love using them for games of toss.

Denim bean bags to make for kids games

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Denim is ideal for DIY projects. It is sturdy, easy to work with, and readily available!

Bean bags are easy to make and store, and fun for all sorts of activities including games of toss, stacking, and hide-and-seek.

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You can make bean bags with the pant legs of worn or discarded denim jeans. Kids can help fill the bean bags, and set up the games when the bean bags are ready.

Homemade denim bean bags

I used a sewing machine to make the bean bags in this tutorial. You can also sew them by hand, using small stitches to prevent fill escaping from the bag.


Supplies for homemade bean bags


Materials list for bean bags

  • denim
  • filler - buttons, rice, beans, pasta
  • sewing machine, or needle and thread


Instructions for bean bags

1. Cut out two pieces of fabric, approximately 4 x 4.5 inches (10 x 11.5 cm), allowing for a 5/8 inch (2 cm) seam on all sides.

2. With right sides together, stitch around three sides. Trim with pinking shears. Fold down the top edge 1 inch (2.5 cm) as shown.

If sewing by hand, stitch seams with a running stitch or blanket stitch (or both if preferred).


Fold denim over and stitch on two sides to make a bean bag


Alternately, cut one large rectangle of fabric and fold it over in the middle.

  • Stitch along the bottom and side.
  • Fold down the top edge.


Easy to make with recyclables bean bags for preschool games


3. Turn the bag right side out. Add beans or other filler.

4. Stitch the opening to seal the filler inside the bean bag.

Traditionally the bags are filled with beans but you can also use buttons, rice or pasta.

If you use a pasta like fusilli, kids can squish the bag to feel and hear the pasta breaking, for some added sensory fun!


Bean bag game indoor play for toddlers and preschoolers

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