Fun with Glue and Beads STEAM Activity for Kids

Kids will love combining glue and beads in this hands-on STEAM activity. Grownups will love the easy setup that only requires two craft materials along with some recycled plastic produce packages. The only thing that will be hard for everyone to do is wait for the glue to dry! 

Glue and beads science for preschoolers

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Glue and beads go together perfectly in this fun STEAM activity.

STEAM= Science+technology+engineering+art+math

Kids engage with a scientific process as they observe the changes in color and texture of the white glue as it dries. Decorating the glue with colorful beads adds the art component to this activity.

Glue and beads science activity

This is a simple activity with lots of opportunity to challenge and engage early learners.

Kids will have fun observing changes to the beads and glue as the glue dries.



Supplies for a glue and beads science activity with preschoolers


  • white glue
  • small beads
  • recycled plastic packaging

Choose recycled plastic containers with lots of ridges for your molds. The raised areas will show up as designs in the finished product.




Glue and beads in recycle plastic containers

Squeeze glue into a mold. Kids will love this part of the process! 

You can add the glue first (left image) and sprinkle beads on top - or - add beads to the bottom of the package first (right image) and spread glue on top of the beads.

Try to maintain a thin layer of glue as it will dry faster and a greater area of the glue will be transparent.


Combine glue and beads in a science and art activity


Top row: glue is added first and star beads are dropped on top of the glue

Bottom row: leaf shape beads are added first and glue is squeezed over the beads


Remove glue and beads from tray when dried into a solid piece

The glue will take several days to dry. Kids can observe the glue gradually changing from a milky white color to clear and transparent.

Carefully lift one edge of the dried glue and gently remove from the plastic packaging mold.


Glue and beads transparent piece when dry

Science with glue and beads observing changes as glue dries



1. Put a piece of dried glue on your hand to observe transparency.

Glue must be spread thin to get this effect. Thicker areas are translucent


The dry mixture of glue and beads can be cut with scissors


2. Try cutting the dried glue with scissors. Is it easy to cut?

3. If you used both methods for the activity (adding beads before and after the glue), do you observe any difference in the results when the dried glue is removed?


Preschool science with glue and beads STEAM activity


The science behind it:

A simple explanation is that glue is a made of PVA (Polyvinyl acetate) mixed with water. When the water evaporates only the clear PVA plastic remains. The effect can also be explained by refraction of light from the different molecules that make up the water and the PVA but this may be better explained to older kids.



Science: formulation of glue

Technology: scissors

Engineering: glue poured into in trays

Art: colorful beads

Math: size and shape of molds, quantity of beads



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