How to Make Letters of the Alphabet Cards for Preschoolers

A set of alphabet cards is a great addition to a shelf stocked with puzzles and small manipulatives. Kids can count and 'shuffle', sort and stack the cards. They can even 'spell' words as they become familiar with letters and their sounds. 

kids activities with alphabet cards

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Kids get excited when they recognize a letter in their name. And they feel a sense of accomplishment when they recite a sequence of letters such as A-B-C.

These DIY letters of the alphabet cards are a fun play option for your beginning reader. They inspire kids to explore letters of the alphabet during independent play.

This set of cards is easy to make with cardboard and a permanent marker or self-adhesive letters. The cards can be laminated for durability.

Keep the cards accessible on a shelf so kids can engage in child-led activities. This type of independent play supports early language skills.


DIY letters of the alphabet cards


Alphabet letter cards


You will need white cardboard and self-adhesive letters or a wide black marker to make the cards.


Letters of the alphabet cards literacy activities


Cut 26 cards from the white cardboard. Our cards measure approximately 4 in. (10 cm) square.

Apply self-adhesive upper case letters of the alphabet to the cards.


Homemade alphabet cards


Add lower case letters next to the upper case letters on each card if preferred, or make a separate set of lower case letters.

Laminate with contact paper for durability.


DIY alphabet cards for kids activities


Experiment with letter sounds to make words.

Alphabet cards are easy to make, easy for kids to use, and promote hands-on exploration of the letters of the alphabet during free play and quiet times.

While this alphabet is black and white for clarity and simplicity, here are some colorful options for making letters of the alphabet. 


Learning through play with alphabet cards


1. Sequencing game

  • Create a sequence with one or more missing letters. For example, find the missing letter in this example: A-B-?-D

2. Memory game

  • Place the letter which begins the sequence face up on the table. Place the remaining letters face down on the table.
  • Turn over a letter: if it is the letter that follows the revealed letter place it next to this letter; if not, turn it over.
  • Continue until all the letters in the sequence have been found and placed face-up in order on the table.

3. Independent play

  • Place cards where they are easily accessible for kids during independent play to promote visual reinforcement of, and hands-on interaction with, the letters of the alphabet.


Does your preschooler have a favorite letter? Is it a letter in his or her name? 

Make a set of cards with letters of the alphabet for your preschooler to explore during daily play.


Letters of the alphabet cards


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