How to Make Shamrocks with Egg Cup Paint Stamps

Shamrock paintings are fun to make for St. Patrick's Day. Celebrate this annual event with a fine motor art activity using recycled egg cartons. Make shamrock paintings to decorate your home or classroom for St. Patrick's Day. 

Egg carton painting St. Patrick's Day

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I love celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Not just for the crafts and activities the event inspires (although they are awesome).

It's because I get to wear the color green!

Green just happens to be one of my favorite colors, especially lighter shades like moss and sage.

If the color green is not your choice for wearing, you can always have fun with it in other ways!

Have a green color day at home or in the classroom. 

  • Use a green table cloth, napkins, plates.
  • Create green art with markers and crayons.
  • Have a green-things-only scavenger hunt.
  • Look for green leaves outside on a nature walk.

A painting activity is another fun way to include the color green in St Patrick's Day celebrations. 

Recycle a cardboard egg carton to paint beautiful shamrock pictures.

You might even spot a four-leaf clover! 


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Shamrock Painting Activity

This painting activity is easy to provide for early learners. It works just as well at home with a toddler as it does for a group of children in the preschool classroom.

The activity uses everyday craft supplies such as paint and markers, as well as a common recyclable.

Kids will love making shamrocks with egg cup paint stamps.

They can even make a four-leaf clover!

Supplies for shamrock paintings


Supplies for a kids painting activity for St. Patricks Day


  • green paint
  • egg carton
  • green marker
  • paint brush



Instructions for shamrock paintings

Dip egg cups into paint to make shamrock paintings


1. Cut three cups from the egg carton with the three cups remaining attached.

2. Press the egg cup stamp firmly in green paint poured onto a recycled foam tray.

Wiggle the egg cups around to coat thoroughly with paint.


Paint a stem on shamrock painting with green paint


3. Press the egg carton stamp
onto paper.

Wiggle your fingers gently as you press down to spread the paint around, forming the petals of the shamrock.

4. Draw a stem with a paint brush or green marker.


For more St. Pat's fun, include a four leaf clover!

Four leaf clover:

  •  To make a four-leaf clover, separate a section with four egg carton cups. Follow the same steps for painting a shamrock.


 egg cup paint stamps for st patricks day shamrock



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