Preschool Science Activities Digital Resource

Kids can explore and discover in new ways with the fun science activities in this digital resource. The simple text and colorful illustrations make it easy to provide science experiments for preschoolers.

 Preschool science ebook

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This digital file contains 51 activities designed for interactive play. The activities prompt kids to use all their senses to explore, and learn about, their environment.

The activities are easy to set up with recyclables, household materials and basic craft supplies. Some activities are messy while others are almost mess-free. Some are noisy or smelly during the experiment, while others require observation over a certain length of time.

Choose an activity that fits best for the amount of time available and the interests and skill levels of the kids.


Science for kids printable online resource


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There's always a lot of trial and error going on when kids interact with materials. They experiment with the number of blocks they can stack, or observe how mud cakes harden when they add more dirt. 

This science resource will enable parents and teachers to include simple science in everyday play. The file is a blend of traditional and new ideas for interactive discussion and discovery.

There are lots of options for a well-rounded science program at home or in the classroom.


 Simple science for preschool and kindergarten


This image provides a view of the layout of the content. A cover page and introduction page are followed by activities with step by step instructions or guidelines.

The pages can be viewed in PDF, and also printed individually or as a complete e-book as needed.

Whether observing the pull of a magnet, learning about shadows,

or making gooey mixtures,

these simple activities encourage exploration, discussion and observation.


The activities in our science resource will inspire you to use a variety of interesting materials and processes to ensure lots of fun making new discoveries

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