Preschool Science Activities for Fun and Learning

Kids will love these activities that allow them to explore, experiment, and discover hands-on. Teachers and parents will love providing awesome activities with low-cost and little fuss.

Science fun with preschoolers

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Science activities are easy to provide when the setups are simple and the materials are readily available. My goal is to create projects that use everyday recycled and household items along with basic craft supplies.

This post lists all the science activities published on the Preschool Toolkit blog. You'll love the excitement of choosing one or two activities to do right away, and the convenience of filling your weekly or monthly program planner.


STEM and STEAM explained

Science for early learners is often referred to as STEM or STEAM. Since these terms are used in many of the science posts in this list of activities, I'll offer a brief explanation.

You may be familiar with STEM: science + technology + engineering + math. 

What is STEAM? This means an Art component is added to, or recognized as part of, the science.

These principles are evident in daily activities: kids use technology when they cut with scissors; kids are engineers when they design and build a fort with chairs and blankets; kids use math when they count scoops of rice in the sensory bin; kids are are artists when they sort pompoms.

STEM and STEAM are explained in a post from STEAM Powered Family. You'll learn more about understanding and applying science principles when engaging with early learners.


Science activities for preschoolers


The projects in this list include racing toy cars down inclined planes, creating fizzy experiments with vinegar and soda, pouring glue over colorful beads, and launching a pompom on a craft stick catapult.

Recent activities are added to the top of the list as they are published.

Have fun exploring science with your early learner!


Preschool science fun and easy with hands on activities


Telling Time with Clock Activities

Mixing Paint Colors

Exploring Seeds in Foods

Marble Roll Sensory Bin

Cardboard Color Viewer 

Bird Nest STEAM Activity

Nature Crafts with Twigs

Mini Fizzy Volcano

Winter Castle STEAM Activity 

Ice and Salt STEAM Activity

Pumpkin Harvest Math in a Sensory Bin

Marble Maze with Corks

Outdoor Tree Puzzle

Glue and Beads STEAM

Graphing on the Felt Board

Pompom Sorting with Christmas Theme

Craft Stick Bridge for Toy Cars

Craft Stick Catapult

Favorite Science Activities

Bowling Game with Building Blocks

Watermelon Math

Snowman Snow Gauge

Dinosaur Shadows Science and Art

Wind Experiment with a Fan

Weights and Measures with a Coffee Filter

Mixing Earth Materials

Marble Maze with Modeling Clay

Marble Run on an Inclined Plane

Patterning with Disposable Cups

Stacking with Household Objects

Toy Cars on an Inclined Plane


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