Simple Science Activities for Preschoolers

Kids of every age love to experiment and explore. Preschoolers especially love to observe their surroundings as they gain more independence and broaden their interests and skill levels. These simple science activities are easy to set up and offer hands-on opportunities for kids to observe how things work in the world around them. 

Simple science activities for preschoolers - Preschool ToolkitThis post contains affiliate links.

There are so many ways for kids to explore the world around them everyday - peering at bugs through  magnifiers or lying on their backs to watch clouds float across the sky, or splashing in mud puddles on a rainy day!

When kids have opportunities to experiment and participate in their own ways they will ask questions and make observations that help them learn and grow.

Here are some of our favorite science activities that offer creativity and hands-on discovery.

1. Mixing Earth Materials in a Jar

Mixing earth materials - Preschool Toolkit

Collect sand, soil and rocks to see how they mix in water.

2. Dinosaur shadows

Observe how shadows are made with natural light and with a light source. Transfer the shadows to cardstock for pretend play puppets.

3. Inclined plane

Fun with an inclined plane - Preschool Toolkit

Experiment with the slope of a plane, create tunnels and barriers, and measure the distance a toy car travels.

4. Counting and weighing activity for preschool

How much weight can a coffee filter hold? Explore the possibilities in this fun activity.

5. Leaf science for kids

Observing autumn leaves science activity - Preschool Toolkit

Explore the properties of leaves in this autumn activity that is fun for kids to set up.

6. Measure the strength of the wind

Wind science for kids - Preschool Toolkit
How much force is there in the wind? Find out with this fun and easy experiment!

7. Marble run

 Kids can have fun making a marble run with an inclined plane and rolling marbles into small disposable cups.


Don't miss out on the exciting science activities on our STEM Pinterest board.

This roundup of activities is just a small example of how science can be included in your child's daily play. As they gain more independence, preschoolers want to know how the world around them works. Use everyday materials in different ways to encourage kids to wonder, experiment, and observe.



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