Creative Large Motor Activities You Can't Resist

Get inspired to get up and move! You and the kids will love playing these fun games over and over. The digital file contains easy activities for creative gross motor play. 

Gross motor play for preschoolers 

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Have you ever watched kids engage in pretend play?

They launch a spaceship, dance on a stage, or row a boat across a raging river, all in the comfort of your classroom or living room.

These activities involve lifting, pushing, raising and lowering limbs, and moving through spaces.

We know the importance of keeping kids active to support early childhood development.

This easy-to-use resource has fun ideas to support gross motor movement and build imaginations.

The variety of activities will help you incorporate physical activity into your daily schedule.


Easy Large Motor Play Ideas


Music and movement for kids


This digital product contains fun and easy activities you and the kids can jump right into.

Games, music, and role play promote body movement and spatial awareness using those large motor, or gross motor, muscles.

The activities are easy to set up with simple props and everyday materials. 

  • Props are as simple as scarves for twirling as you dance to music, or blocks to stack to build a house for one of the three little pigs.

Activities are hands-on, some more challenging then others, but easily adapted to your students abilities and interests.

There are games to play as partners or in small groups, as well as activities where each participant moves in his or her own space.


Preschool digital resource for gross motor play


There's a lot of trial and error going on when kids interact with space and materials. 

  • They experiment with how to spread a blanket to build a fort, how high they can jump, or the different ways they can march in a parade.

This large motor resource provides lots of fun ideas with room for innovation and creative thinking.


How to purchase this resource!

The digital file is available for download in my online store.

Also available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Choose an activity that best fits the amount of time available, and the interests and skill levels of the kids in your care.

There's a wide variety of activities, including music and movement, imagination and role play, and cooperation among participants. The suggestions will enable parents and teachers to include large motor experiences in everyday play.

This digital product provides lots of fun options to easily fill your schedule with gross motor movement.

Each page contains two options for movement, often with music, and incorporating toys or other household objects you have on hand.

They are so much fun, you won't be able to resist trying one of the activities everyday!

There are lots of fun options in this digital resource for engaging kids with movement activities at home or in the classroom.


Look what's inside the product!

Here's what you get in this product.

  • Cover page
  • Introduction page
  • 22 pages of activities with step by step instructions or guidelines and unique images.

The pages can be viewed in PDF.

They can be printed individually as needed, or printed and bound to make a hard copy if preferred.

The fun activities in this easy-to-use resource are all the incentive you need to get those large motor muscles moving.

Kids don't need fancy props, large spaces, or hours of work to prepare an activity (although sometimes the labor of preparation, like building a blanket fort, is part of the gross motor movement!). They just need a little time and space, and someone to guide them as needed.

This handy resource to build coordination, balance, and flexibility will get you up and running in no time. 


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Also available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store.



Gross motor play ideas for toddler, preschool and kindergarten


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