Memory Game with Disposable Cups for Preschoolers

Memory games like this one require little or no instruction and setup is easy with just a few simple materials. While this game is easy enough for preschoolers, kids of all ages will have fun playing together!

math play with recyclables for preschoolers

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Do you generally reach for a pack of cards when you want to play a memory game? While card games like this Penguin Memory Game are fun, there are other options for memory games.

In this activity, small disposable cups are recycled for some fun math play with a memory game.

Kids will love preparing this activity as much as they love playing the game. It's so easy to set up with everyday materials. 

A memory game is a fun way to challenge kids observation and thinking skills. Try this simple option for everyday play with your toddler or preschooler.


Memory game with recycled cups


Memory game with disposable cups


Choose options for game pieces that will fit beneath the cups, such as markers from a board game or small pieces from a construction set. 

I used two-ounce plastic cups purchased at the dollar store. You can easily substitute any plastic or paper cups you have on hand.

The size of the cups will determine the size of the small toys or game pieces you choose.


Place inverted cups on a tray for a memory game


Turn the cups upside down on a tray with a game piece under each one.

Be sure to include matching pairs when you place the objects under the cups!


Turn over two cups to see if there is a matching pair of objects


Lift one cup, then another, looking for a match.


Memory game kids activity using recyclables


If a player remembers where the other green one is, he has a match!

The memory game is a go-to option when you need a quick and simple idea for play time.

 Do you remember where the yellow piece is?


Memory game preschool activity with small cups


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