DIY Craft Sticks Painting Tool

Kids will have fun with this art activity using craft sticks as a simple painting tool. The paint tools are easy to make and kids will love mixing colors and creating colorful designs.

kids can paint with paint tools made with craft sticks

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This art activity is easy to set up with craft sticks and kids craft paint. It provides a creative outlet while engaging fine motor and cognitive skills.

This is an open ended activity, meaning the value is in the experience. There is no specific way finished product to be achieved.

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Kids can participate in making the painting tools, and then experiment with the tools in a painting activity.

Adding homemade toys and other resources such as painting tools to your 'toolbox' is not only easy, it's a satisfying and economical way to enhance daily activities. You'll be recycling, innovating, and providing unique opportunities for learning through play.

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Painting with craft sticks



Supplies for a craft stick painting tool


  • Construction paper


*You can easily use clothespins, a wooden dowel or sticks from frozen treats in place of craft sticks.



 Dip painting tool in paint


1. Glue a cork or wooden door pull to the craft stick to make a handle.

  • We used white glue for the drawer pull, allowing it to remain in place on the craft stick while the glue dried.
  • We used a glue gun for the cork. It held the cork more securely on the craft stick and could be used right away.

2. Pour paint into a foam tray.

3. Coat the craft stick with the paint.


Painting with homemade craft stick painting tool


Painting with craft stick paint tool

4. Hold the handle between thumb and fingers and rotate the craft stick to spread the paint over the paper.


Orange and blue painting with craft sticks


Preschool painting activity with craft stick painting tool


Kids can twirl, swipe, tap or drag the paint with their new painting tool!

Have fun mixing colors by rotating or dragging differed colored paints together on the paper.


Craft stick painting process art activity for preschoolers


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