Pompoms and Sticky Tape Art and Math Play

A sorting activity with pompoms and tape provides fine motor fun for preschoolers. This simple activity engages early learning math skills with counting and sorting.

Fine motor sorting activity with pompoms

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Preschool math activities are easy to set up with everyday materials. Colorful pompoms are perfect for a sorting activity like this one with sticky tape.

Engage fine motor and math skills with this simple activity that also provides awesome sensory play for preschoolers.

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Pompoms and sticky tape activity

This activity is easy to set up with a small wooden board or a piece of sturdy cardboard. Use different types of tape, both wide and narrow - masking tape, washi tape or painters tape.

Match the colors of pompoms to the colors of tape, but add other colors as well. Encourage kids to freely play with the materials in their own ways.


Instructions for tape and pompoms activity


Masking tape and pompoms craft


Wrap strips of tape - sticky side up! - around the wood board or cardboard base. Extend the tape past the edge of the board.

  • Handling the tape with the sticky side up is actually a bit tricky. Try rolling the end of a length of tape, then sticking it to the underside of the board first. Continue wrapping the tape around the front of the board, securing the end of the tape under the board at the opposite end.

Masking tape and pompoms craft for kids


Wrap tape ends around the board and secure to the under side of the board.


Match colors of pompoms to sticky tape


Set out pompoms in colors that match the colors of sticky tape on the board.


Sort pompoms by color on sticky tape


Place pompoms on the strips of sticky tape. Remove the pompoms and rearrange them as long as the tape remains sticky.

 Sticky tape color sorting activity for kids


If you use a wooden board as your base you can stand it one edge to display your work. 

Cardboard can be hung on the wall to create a vertical surface on which to work.

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