Fall Leaves Preschool Sorting Activity

The crunch of autumn leaves under your feet is a sign of the changing season. For many of us it means raking leaves! Fortunately there are also lots of exciting leaf crafts and activities you can do with your preschooler. Gather some leaves in gorgeous fall colors for this fun sorting activity.

Autumn leaves sorting activity - Preschool Toolkit

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Explore your backyard or a neighborhood park on a nature walk and collect leaves for activities in the home or classroom.

The leaves you collect will vary depending on the trees in your area. Maple, poplar, and oak trees all have leaves in different sizes, shapes and colors. We gathered leaves from each of these trees growing in our yard.

Autumn leavessorting activity - Preschool Toolkit

Here are a few suggestions for sorting leaves.

1. Sort leaves by color - red, yellow,orange. 

Sorting autumn leaves activity - Preschool Toolkit

2. Seriation: sort from largest to smallest.

Sorting autumn leaves activity - Preschool Toolkit


3. Sort large leaves into one pile and small leaves into a separate pile.

4. Separate leaves that have more than one color.

Learning through play:

1. Discuss the color-changing process of fall leaves.

2. Use your autumn leaves at arts & crafts time:

Make a collage by gluing a variety of colorful leaves to cardstock.

Raking leaves can be fun if it means making a huge pile of leaves to jump in. Otherwise, using leaves for crafts and activities is fun for everyone!

Find more autumn crafts and activities on our Seasonal:Fall Pinterest board.

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