Fall Leaves Preschool Sorting Activities

Autumn activities include lots of sights, sounds and tastes to promote awesome hands-on learning. Gather some leaves in gorgeous fall colors to use in simple sorting activities and crafts with  preschoolers.

Autumn leaves activities

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Autumn comes in bursting with color. taste, and sound: red, gold and orange leaves; corn on the cob from the farmer's market; snapping twigs and crunching leaves.

That crunch of autumn leaves under your feet is a sure sign of the changing season. For many of us it means raking leaves!

Fortunately, there are also lots of crafts and activities you can do with leaves.

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Fall activities with leaves


1. Collect leaves on a nature walk


Explore your backyard or a neighborhood park. Observe the different trees and their leaves.

Collect a few leaves for activities in the home or classroom.

The leaves you collect will vary depending on the trees in your area. Maple, poplar, and oak trees all have leaves in different sizes, shapes and colors. We gathered leaves from each of these trees growing in our yard.

 If you don't have access leaves in a natural environment, beautiful artificial leaves can be purchased at a craft store or online. Here's a link where you can buy leaves online.


2. Sort leaves by size and color.


Observe the different sizes and colors of the leaves. Some of the leaves will have more than one color, and some might still have a bit of green coloring.

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Sort autumn leaves with preschoolers

Sort leaves by color.


Sort leaves by size

Sort leaves from largest to smallest.


Sort leaves with preschoolers

 Sort leaves with more than one color.


3. Use leaves in crafts.



Raking leaves can be fun if it means making a huge pile of leaves to jump into! And using leaves for crafts and activities is an awesome alternative!


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