Valentine Bean Bag Toss Game for Kids

You often plan special games and activities for holidays and events, including Valentine's Day. Bean bag toss is a popular game that can easily be set up with a Valentine theme. Some recycled materials and a few basic craft supplies are all you need to get the fun started this Valentine's Day!

Valentine bean bag game for kids - Preschool Toolkit

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As excitement builds around a popular holiday, it helps to keep a few activities in your toolkit that have easy set up and lots of play value. We've already had lots of fun with our lift-the-flaps game, so we're excited to share this simple bean bag game.

This activity combines number recognition and counting with fine motor and gross motor movements. 

Kids can help design and make the game, then have fun tossing and collecting the bean bags.

Valentine bean game supplies - Preschool Toolkit

1. Trace heart shapes onto cardstock and cut them out.

You can use different sizes of heart shapes, or make them all the same size. 

Kids can decorate the heart shapes with markers or stickers, or cut the hearts from colorful or patterned papers.

 Valentine bean bag game for preschoolers - Preschool Toolkit

2. Recycle containers. We recycled Folgers red coffee cans for this activity because they were perfect for the Valentine theme, but you can easily cover any container with red construction paper.

3. Add a numeral to each can. We used foam self-adhesive numerals but you can also glue paper or foam numerals to the containers. 

4. Glue the corresponding number of paper hearts to each can

If you use different sizes of hearts, start a conversation about the placement of the hearts on the containers. Only one large heart shape can fit easily on the can, as seen on "1", but several smaller heart shapes can be used on  "3" and "4".

Now you're ready to play! Here are a few options:

  • Place the containers on the floor in numerical order or mix them up!
  • Make wide circles with your arms before tossing a bean bag.
  • Toss high in the air; toss low to the ground.
  • Suggest movements for going to the containers to pick up the bean bags after tossing - hop on one foot, crawl, walk backwards, etc.

For added fun, use heart shaped bean bags you can easily make with this simple tutorial!


Valentine's Day Pinterest board!

A game of toss challenges and entertains kids so they have lots of fun while learning through play. Kids will have fun playing bean bag games as part of their Valentine's Day celebrations.


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