Yummy Yogurt and Fruit Snack Kids Can Make Themselves

Kids can make a tasty treat with yogurt and fresh fruit. If your kids like yogurt and fresh berries in a bowl, they'll love this yummy option in a cone! 

easy kids snack with fresh berries and yogurt

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Let's make it berry easy for kids to have a fun snack!

Invite kids to prepare their own snack with this simple yogurt and cone activity.

Offering a variety of fruit options at snack time lets kids explore the flavors and textures of healthy eating. There are different ways to provide fresh fruit for kids to snack on.

  • A bowl filled with colorful berries of different kinds is one way to satisfy a fresh fruit craving.

  • Fresh or frozen fruit can also be introduced in foods like blueberry muffins or a strawberry milkshake. 

A yogurt fruit cone activity is a way to provide food choices and independent decision making.

Kids will have fun making this tasty treat, from choosing the flavor of the crunchy cone, to adding a generous topping of their favorite fruit.

The hardest part about this activity will be trying not to gobble up the snack too fast!

Easy-to-make yogurt and berries snack

Kids love to join in food preparations, whether it's making a small snack or cooking up a family meal. 

Creating a snack with ice cream cones is an easy way to get the kids involved. 

This fruit and yogurt activity is fun for kids to do independently, with supervision from a grownup of course.

Supplies for the yogurt and berries snack


healthy snack kids can make with yogurt


There are various options available for the fruit, the yogurt, and the cone you use to make this snack. 

  • Stick with favorite fruit choices, or go with seasonal options.

  • Greek yogurt is a popular choice for many families, but go with what you like. To make it a healthy snack, check the ingredient labels to compare sugar content.

  • Look for cones on the grocery shelf in different flavors, shapes and sizes. You can also find gluten free options in some stores.
    The flat bottomed cones are easy to work with as they stand on their own. You can look for a cone holder like this one to place the traditional cones in while filling. (affiliate link)

Instructions for a yogurt and berry cone


fresh fruit in a cone snack for kids


1. Chop the fruit into small pieces.

Kids can help wash or peel fruit, and add the chopped pieces to their cones.



healthy snack kids can make themselves


2. Fill the bottom of the cone with pieces of fruit.

  • Putting a layer of fruit into the cone first will help keep the cone from getting soggy. (But this can be ok too, if you prefer the cone to be softened!)


berries and yogurt in a cone snack for preschoolers


3. Spoon yogurt over the fruit pieces in the cone.

4. Top with more fruit.

Some yogurt will drizzle down through the cone. If you leave the cone sitting too long it will become a bit soggy.

But you won't have to worry about that because.....

this cool treat is so delicious it will probably be gobbled up right away!

yogurt and berry snack kids will love to eat


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