How to Make a Paper Crown for Pretend Play

Kids love pretend play, and dressing in costumes is often part of the fun. A paper crown is easy to make and provides open-ended opportunities for dramatic play.

Make a crown for pretend play kids craft- Preschool Toolkit

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Crowns promote imaginative play in many different ways. A king needs a crown to wear as he is ruling inside a cardboard box castle! A princess wears her crown when she is chasing a fearsome broomstick dragon!

This is an easy crown to make, using basic craft supplies.

You will need:
  • paper
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • glue


Kids can make a paper crown for pretend play


1. Cut a 2 inch (5 cm) wide band from card stock or construction paper.

If you don't have paper long enough to go around your child's head, simply join two strips of paper with tape.

2. Provide paper shapes to make the design of the crown. Older children can cut shapes from paper themselves.


A paper crown for pretend play kids craft

3. Glue or tape triangles to the back of the headband.

Create designs with different sizes and colors of triangles.

Talk about the sizes and colors of shapes used, and patterns made with the triangles.

4. Glue a large diamond shape to the front of the crown.

A tape dispenser is one tool I find very handy when doing crafts. Not all tape dispensers are kid-friendly as they have a sharp cutting edge so use caution when dispensing tape with the kids.


paper crown craft for kids pretend play

5. Decorate the headband with colorful stickers, markers and crayons to make a unique and beautiful crown.

6. Fasten the ends with tape to fit your child's head.


Simply putting the crown on will prompt imaginative play and encourage use of language skills.

Build a castle with boxes or blankets and get ready for some fun pretend play!


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