How to Make a Paper Crown for Pretend Play

A paper crown is a fun craft for kids to make for pretend play.  Making the crown supports fine motor, creative, and math skills. It's easy to provide open-ended opportunities for dramatic play with this simple crown craft.

easy to make paper crown imaginative play activity

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Who doesn't love a good dress-up activity? Whether it's kings and queens, or dragons and bears, costumes and props stir up a lot of imaginative play.

A paper crown craft is a great way to inspire some awesome creative play, in many different ways.

  • A king needs a crown to wear as he rules inside a cardboard box castle!
  • A princess wears her crown when she is chasing a fearsome broomstick dragon!

Paper crown craft

This is an easy crown to make, using basic craft supplies.

There are two ways to make the crown. The original tutorial is shown first, followed by a second option for making a paper crown.

Use materials you have on hand to make this craft your own. You can substitute types of paper, paper shapes, and decorations. 

Supplies for making a paper crown for kids


Materials list for a paper crown

  • glue

Instructions for a paper crown craft

Step 1.

Cut a 2 inch (5 cm) wide head band from card stock or construction paper. 

  • If you don't have paper long enough to go around your child's head, simply join two strips of paper with tape as shown in the image above.

Cut out a variety of paper triangles. Cut out a star and a diamond shape.

Tape triangles to headband to make a paper crown

Step 2. 

Lay the headband flat on the table. Glue or tape triangles to the back of the headband.

  • A tape dispenser is a handy tool to have on hand when doing this craft. Not all tape dispensers are kid-friendly as they have a sharp cutting edge so use caution when dispensing tape with the kids. (affiliate link).

Create designs and patterns with the different triangles as you tape them to the back of the headband.

Step 3.

Decorate the front of the headband with crayons or markers, paper shapes, and self-adhesive dots or other decorations.

  • Talk about the sizes and colors of shapes used, and patterns made with the triangles, as you play.


Decorate a paper crown with crayons and markers

Step 4.

Glue a large diamond shape to the front of the crown.

Add gems or other glitter to the diamond shape if preferred.


Kids crown craft for imaginative play


Paper crown kids can make for imaginative play kings and queens


Step 5.

Tape the ends of the headband together to fit your child's head.


This beautiful paper crown is ready to wear to prompt imaginative play and encourage use of language skills.

Build a castle with boxes or blankets and get ready for some fun pretend play.


Here's another way to make the paper crown.

Make a crown pattern from a folded piece of paper


 Fold a piece of paper. Cut triangles from one edge as shown in the image above.


Transfer crown pattern to construction paper


Open the folded paper. Lay it flat on a piece of construction paper to use as a template for the crown.

Cut out a second piece of construction paper. Tape the two pieces together to fit your child's head.

Decorate in the same manner as the first crown.

Either method will produce a fun costume for pretend play!


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Dressing up is often part of amazing imagination building. Costumes and props inspire open-ended play that supports social, language and cognitive development.

Make a paper crown to get your pretend play started today!


easy to make paper crown for kids pretend play



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