Transform the Fuzzy Caterpillar into a Beautiful Butterfly

Welcome summer......and all the bugs that come with it! This furry caterpillar is fun to make and can easily transform into a beautiful butterfly.

caterpillar to butterfly craft for kids

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Bugs in all shapes and sizes crawl and fly about in our yard all summer long. Most are harmless (beware the bee sting!) and some are cute (did you see the ladybug?). Caterpillars are one of the most obliging insects to be observed - they move slowly, they're very quiet and they're not afraid to crawl over your hand.

Butterflies, on the other hand, like to flit and fly at a moment's notice.

Kids are awed by the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. This is an interesting study to include in your curriculum, through videos, picture books and hands-on experiences.

This is a fun craft that promotes gross motor activity. Kids can crawl like a caterpillar, crouch low and squeeze arms and legs in tight for a cocoon, then spread wings and swoop up and down like a butterfly.


supplies for caterpillar to butterfly preschool craft



 Supplies for caterpillar to butterfly craft
  • tissue paper
  • large clothespin


 caterpillar transforming to butterfly preschool craft



Instructions for caterpillar to butterfly craft

1. Paint the clothespin green.                    
2. Glue pompoms to the clothespin.       
3. Open the clothespin.                           
4. Insert chenille stem. Bend tips to form the antenna.


1. Cut large wing shape from tissue paper. This can be one long piece with wing shapes on either end.
2. Open the caterpillar clothespin and insert the wings.



caterpillar to butterfly preschool craft


Butterfly and Caterpillar on Pinterest



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