Pretty Lace Butterfly Craft to Make with Preschoolers

Butterflies flutter through gardens in spring and summer, but they are fun to make as crafts any time of year! This pretty butterfly is made with just two materials and can be used as a finger puppet, a table decoration, or even a bracelet!

Lace butterfly craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit

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Butterflies are fun for kids to explore in nature and in books, and to make in arts & crafts time.

Here are a few ways to add butterflies to your spring theme:


Explore butterflies in a nature study unit, like this one from Carrots are Orange

Observe the life cycle, from Buggy and Buddy.

Learn more about habitats, including a feeder from Reading Confetti.

Discover what it's like to raise butterflies in the classroom as illustrated at Pre-K Pages blog.


Butterfly crafts are a great way to add creativity and hands-on exploration to your study of butterflies.

Making butterflies can be easy and fun using simple instructions and lots of different materials. We've made butterflies with clothespins, others with felt fabric, and even some with leaves!

This pretty lace butterfly needs only two materials to get started. There's also lots of opportunity in this activity to be creative with your butterfly.


Supplies for lace butterfly craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit



1. Wide lace trim: Cut out a section of the pattern that will become your butterfly.

2. Chenille stem: Use any color and any thickness of stem, one for each butterfly.


Lace butterfly craft for kids - Preschool Toolkit

                       Step 1                            Step 2                              Step 3                               



Step 1: Bend the chenille stem in half and place around the butterfly cutout, leaving more length toward the bend.

Step 2: Twist the shorter ends at the top together to form antennae; twist the longer end close to the lace cutout to secure the body of the butterfly and form a circle.

Step 3: Bend the chenille stem circle toward the back of the butterfly. The circle can be used three ways:

  • as a stand to support the butterfly as it sits on a table
  • as a loop to go around your fingers for a finger puppet
  • as a bracelet to slip onto your wrist

If the chenille stem loop is not long enough to make a bracelet, you can easily add more length to the original chenille stem before twisting.


Butterflies kids can make with lace and chenille stems - Preschool Toolkit


You can be creative with your butterflies. Decorate the wings with markers. Add glitter or sequins.

It's fun to watch colorful butterflies in the spring as they spread their wings and flutter gently, or dart quickly, through the air. Kids can make their handmade butterfly puppets soar up and down through the air too!


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