Caterpillar and Leaves for the Felt Board

Caterpillars are fun insects for kids to explore - they're fuzzy, and crawly, and they like to climb trees to munch on leaves! Try this fun activity for kids that combines all these elements on the felt board.

Caterpillar on a tree branch - Preschool Toolkit

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Caterpillar on a tree branch - Preschool Toolkit

How to make
 the caterpillar and tree:

You will need:

  • burlap  
  • felt fabric

Cut out the tree trunk from burlap in one piece, with at least one long branch for the caterpillar. Burlap provides texture for the tree trunk.

Cut a tree top and leaves from green felt.

Cut circles from felt in different shades of green and yellow.

Glue or draw features onto a felt circle to make the caterpillar's face.

 Caterpillar on a tree branch - Preschool Toolkit

Place the pieces
on the felt board, beginning with the tree trunk and tree top.

Hang leaves from the branches.

Add circles one at a time to make the caterpillar creep along the branch.

Which leaf will the caterpillar nibble first?

Learning through play:

1. Count the circles as you add them to the branch.
2. After the caterpillar nibbles a leaf, remove it from the tree. Count the remaining leaves.
2. Name the colors.
3. Place the caterpillar over and under the branch.


This is a fun activity to add to your insect or nature theme or simply provide the felt pieces for a quiet time activity.

Continue observing and discussing caterpillars and butterflies with the crafts and activities you will find on our Pinterest board.



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