How to Make a Simple Bridge for Toy Cars

Make a simple bridge with duct tape and craft sticks in this bridge-building STEM activity. Kids can think like engineers as they design and build a bridge to support toy cars. 

Duct tape bridge STEM activity for kids

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Kids love building roads and tunnels and bridges for toy cars and trucks. They'll often use anything available, including blocks and cardboard boxes, to complete their structures.

A bridge is fun to make with a few craft sticks and some duct tape. The activity supports cognitive thinking and fine motor skills as kids explore and experiment with the materials.


Craft stick bridge activity

Duct tape is a multi-purpose material that offers creative possibilities for everything from crafting to household repairs. We love using duct tape for both! 

Duct tape is strong enough to support toy cars in a bridge-building activity.

Set out the materials and give kids time to explore, discuss, plan, discover.

Guide the play as needed. For example, you may have to help roll out and cut the tape.




Duct tape bridge supplies


  • duct tape
  • craft sticks
  • cardboard
  • toy cars



Duct tape and craft stick bridge


1. Roll out a piece of duct tape, sticky side up. Secure it to the floor or table with clear tape.

2. Place craft sticks on the duct tape until you reach a desired length for your bridge.

3. Cut the duct tape. Fold over at the ends to make tabs so you can hold the bridge without sticking to it! 

Instructions for a duct tape and craft stick bridge engineering activity for preschoolers

4. Place a tray or plastic dish on the table for the gully the bridge will cross. Tape the tabs on the bridge to opposites sides of the gully.

5. Tape a cardboard ramp in place on each side as a roadway for the cars.

Craft stick bridge craft for kids


The bridge is strong enough to hold a toy car as it passes over the gully. 


More ways to play
  • Draw and cut out trees or bushes to decorate the sides of the plastic dish 'gully'.
  • Add water to the dish to make a pond.

Craft stick bridge craft with ramps and toy cars

Make a tunnel under a bridge using wooden blocks. We added a support in the middle so the bridge wouldn't droop!

Enjoy the bridge-building challenge with preschoolers.



Craft Stick Catapult


Craft stick catapult preschool engineering activity


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