DIY Denim Pillow Cover

Reuse denim from jeans or skirts you no longer wear, or need, in this easy sewing project. Cover pillows or cushions with washable denim fabrics that are soft and durable. Toss them on a sofa, tuck them into an easy chair, or stack them in the book corner for cozy reading times.

Easy to sew denim pillow cover

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By reusing denim fabric from jeans and other clothing you are sending less fabric to the landfill. And denim cushions are functional for your reading corner at home or school.

With a variety of sizes and shades of denim available the possibilities for pillow and cushion covers are endless.

Denim pillow cover

This tutorial can be adapted to suit the colors and sizes of denim available.

  • Use one large piece of fabric or combine two or more shades of blue to create a pattern. 
  • Make an interesting reversible pillow using a contrasting cotton fabric on one side.


Denim scraps for a homemade pillow cover


Cut denim into squares or rectangles depending on the amount of available fabric and the type of pillow you want to cover. 

Square pieces are ideal for throw pillows. 

Long rectangular pieces cut from pant legs work well for bed pillows.

In this tutorial, I show how to make a cover for a standard bed pillow.


Stitch denim pieces together to make a pillow cover


Instructions for a denim pillow cover:

1. Cut three rectangles measuring approximately 7 in. x 25 in. (18 cm x 63 cm). 

2. Stitch the pieces together lengthwise with right sides together.


Stitch front and back together to make the pillow cover


3. Make a second denim section for the back of the pillow or use a contrasting fabric.

I chose a cotton fabric in a complimentary pattern for the back of the pillow.

I added a matching band of fabric to the denim side before stitching the front and back together. This gave me the option of a decorative band on the open end if I decided to complete the project as a regular pillow case. This would mean leaving the end open.

In this tutorial, I close the open end with a blanket stitch.


Stitch denim fabric to make a pillow or cushion cover

4. With right sides together, stitch the front and back sections together on three sides.

5. Insert the pillow and close the open end with a blanket stitch by hand, or using the sewing machine.


Denim pillow cover tutorial


This is a great way to reuse denim from jeans you no longer wear. The fabric is durable, easy to sew, and very versatile.

Using a contrasting fabric on the back makes the pillow decorative as well as reversible.

Enjoy your new decor!


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