Easy to Make Burlap Bow - No Glue, No Sew!

A burlap bow is easy to make for decorating your home or classroom. Add rustic holiday flair to wreaths and planters with this no-glue, no-sew burlap bow. 

Homemade burlap bow

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Holiday decorating takes on many different themes, from modern to rustic and everything in between. Our favorite way to decorate is with natural materials, including pine cones, greenery and wood.

This simple burlap bow adds a rustic touch to home decor.  It's easy to make in any size you need to complement a fall or winter decoration.


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Homemade burlap bow

This could be the easiest burlap bow you'll ever make. It requires two or three pieces of burlap depending on the style of the bow you choose to make. No gluing or sewing is needed to complete the project.

Sizes of burlap pieces


Supplies for burlap bow holiday craft


You will need three pieces of burlap for the bow. Cut one piece in each of the following three sizes:

  • 7" x 10" (18 cm x 25 cm)
  • 5" x 8" (13 cm x 20 cm) 
  • 2" x 30" (5 cm x 76 cm)

The ends of the long narrow piece will be the "tails" that hang down from the center of the bow.

You can adjust the size of each piece to make a larger or smaller bow depending on your preference or where the bow will be used.

My measurements include the frayed edges. I like the look created by the frayed edges but you can also use burlap with finished edge.


Instructions for burlap bow


Easy to make burlap bow


Step 1.

Lay the larger rectangular piece of burlap over the long narrow piece.

Step 2.

Tie the narrow piece slowly, gradually drawing in the rectangle piece.


Burlap bow craft


Step 3.

Turn the bow over. Tighten or loosen the narrow piece to adjust the fullness of the bow.

You can use the bow as is or continue to the next step.


Easy to make burlap bow


Step 4.

Pull the smaller rectangular piece through the tab at the front of the bow created by the narrow piece of burlap. The small rectangle will become scrunched as it's pulled through. Center this piece over the underlying piece of burlap.


Burlap bow easy to make for holiday decorating


Shape the top and bottom pieces of burlap to the desired effect.

Trim a wreath or centerpiece or even an outdoor planter with a burlap bow for rustic holiday flair. 


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