Burlap Pumpkin Preschool Craft

Kids will love making a burlap pumpkin as part of their fall season activities. This creative painting activity is a fun way to explore pumpkins and the autumn harvest. A burlap pumpkin craft can be used as a Halloween decoration at home or in the classroom.

preschool art activity with burlap


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Burlap is very versatile for using in kids crafts. It is flexible and durable, with lots of options for creative crafting. 

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Burlap is easy to paint in a creative art activity. And while kids have fun painting, their early developmental skills are being engaged.

  • The texture and color of burlap provide awesome sensory play for kids.
  • Painting activities support the use of fine motor skills, holding paint brushes and using large and small strokes to apply the paint.

This activity is easy to set up with burlap and paint, and is suitable for toddler, preschool or kindergarten age children.


Burlap pumpkin craft

Supplies for a pumpkin craft

Supplies for a burlap pumpkin craft for kids


Burlap - pumpkin and stem cutouts

Orange paint

Brown paint

Black paint

Glue - white craft glue or glue gun

Artificial leaves


Instructions for painting on burlap

 Paint the pumpkin shape cut from the burlap with orange craft paint


Place the burlap cutout on a piece of paper and paint it orange with kids craft paint.


Lift a corner of the burlap to reveal the design made by the orange paint


It's interesting to lift a corner of the burlap to reveal the design left by the paint as it seeps through the porous burlap fabric. 

You can use the pattern on the paper to create a new picture in another craft activity!


Paint eyes nose and mouth on the burlap pumpkin


Paint eyes, nose and mouth on pumpkin with black  paint.

Paint stem with brown paint.


Glue a strip of burlap to the back of the jack o lantern craft for a hanger.


Glue a strip of burlap on the back of the pumpkin for a hanger. 

We used a glue gun but you can use white school glue if preferred.


 Autumn pumpkin craft for kids using burlap and orange paint


Glue the stem and a green leaf at the top of the pumpkin. 

Use either a burlap leaf painted green, or an artificial leaf as shown here.

If preferred, cut out the pumpkin and stem in one piece of burlap.

Fabric pumpkin kids painting activity


Decorate around your pumpkin with artificial leaves to create a pumpkin patch.

Display your smiling pumpkin for everyone to enjoy!


Burlap pumpkin craft creative art activity for kids



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