How to Make a Fuzzy Little Caterpillar

This fuzzy caterpillar craft is perfect for kids who like making crafts a little bit silly.  Kids can make this fun caterpillar finger puppet for fine motor pretend play. 

caterpillar spring craft for kids

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Kids make a fuzzy caterpillar craft that wiggles and bends and acts a little silly!  A chenille stem is the perfect material for making a caterpillar - it's soft and fuzzy and easily bends when it moves, just like a caterpillar.

It's fun to watch a caterpillar as it creeps along a tree branch. You might even catch one being a little silly - bending in the middle to lift its head, or hanging upside down from a tree branch! 

Silly crafts are fun and open-ended. With a bit of imagination you can create anything from a rainbow spider with googly eyes, to a bubble wrap fish with wiggly fins.

Fuzzy caterpillar craft

Caterpillars are cute and furry and move very slowly, so it's easy to observe them in their natural surroundings.

If you spot a caterpillar on a nature walk, encourage kids to observe without interrupting its natural environment.

Then recreate the caterpillar and its movements with crafts like this fuzzy one!


Supplies for caterpillar craft


Fuzzy caterpillar supplies


  • chenille stems
  • pencil or stick
  • craft eyes
  • glue

Instructions for caterpillar craft


Caterpillar craft with chenille stem


Step 1.

Wrap a chenille stem around a pencil or stick. Use one thick chenille stem, or wrap two chenille stems together to make colorful stripes.

You could also wrap the chenille stem around your finger to make the curls.


Fuzzy caterpillars kids can make


Step 2.

Slide the curled chenille stem off the pencil.

Step 3.

Glue craft eyes to the front of the caterpillar.

Pretend play

Slide the back end of the caterpillar onto your finger to use it as a finger puppet.

You can easily bend the chenille stem to form different poses. Make your caterpillar act a little silly by bending and wiggling your finger as your caterpillar crawls across a tree branch.


Chenille stem caterpillar craft


Make lots of silly little caterpillars in a variety of colors for a puppet show with your friends. See how silly your caterpillars can be as they wiggle and bend and nibble on tasty leaves!


Silly fuzzy caterpillar craft


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