How to Make a Reversible Felt Glove for Halloween Fingerplays

A reversible felt glove is easy to make to support attention-grabbing finger plays with preschoolers. Pumpkins or ghosts or can be added to the fingers of a felt glove for some awesome Halloween rhyming, counting, and singing with early learners.

Reversible fingerplay gloves for fall preschool activities

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Fingerplays are a great way to support language and fine motor skills. Kids are drawn to silly lyrics, countdowns, and hand and finger movements offered in fingerplay.

Simple rhyming and a singsong tempo contribute to the ability of kids to repeat the verses. A prop such as a glove on one hand can enhance the presentation of words and movements to better hold the attention of early learners.

Grab some Halloween fingerplays at the end of the tutorial!


How to make a reversible felt glove


A felt glove is a valuable tool for your toolkit.

  • It is easy to make and durable.
  • It contributes to sensory experiences with color and texture.
  • It encourages engagement and participation.



Supplies for a homemade fingerplay glove for preschool activities


  • Felt  - orange, white and black
  • hook and loop closure
  • permanent marker
  • scissors



Trace your hand on felt with chalk to outline the finger play glove



Trace your hand onto a piece of orange felt with chalk.

Repeat on black felt.

Make the outline larger than your hand to allow for sewing two pieces of felt together.


Sew hook and loop closure to fingerplay glove



Stitch the orange and black hand cut-outs together. 

I used the sewing machine for this step but you can also sew by hand with a blanket stitch or straight stitch.


Secure one side of hook and loop closure to a finger of the glove, and the other side to the felt cut-out.

I used sew-on Velcro and stitched each piece by hand.

You can sew non-adhesive hook and loop closure on the sewing machine as well, before you sew the two hand cut-outs together.

Alternatively you can use self-adhesive dots or strips of hook and loop closure.

 Sew hook and loop closure to glove and ghost cutout



Reversible fingerplay gloves you can make for kids activities


If you look closely you can see the outline of the sewing machine stitch on three of the jack-o-lanterns, around the nose area. I sewed these on the orange felt before the two felt hand cut-puts together. This can be eliminated by sewing the hook and loop on by hand. I chose to do hand sewing for most of the velcro after the hand pieces were sewn together, although it's more time consuming.

A simple prop like a felt glove is great way to engage kids at home or in the classroom.

  • Wear a glove on one hand to invite kids to circle time. 
  • Draw attention to an activity with a song or finger motion.
  • Support basic math skills with countdowns and rhymes.
  • Encourage kids to copy motions with their hands and fingers.


When doing fingerplay, you can bend and raise each finger to hide and reveal the cut-outs, or you can remove a cut-out completely from the hook and loop attachment.




5 little ghosts came knocking at my door.
1 flew away and then there were 4.

4 little ghosts came to play with me.
1 flew away and then there were 3.

3 little ghosts came to say 'Boo!'
1 flew away and then there were 2.

2 little ghosts came for Halloween fun,
1 flew away and then there was 1.

1 little ghost said "I'm the only one."
So he flew off with his friends and then there were none!


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1 little pumpkin is looking at you
Here comes another one and now there are 2.

2 little pumpkins are looking at me.
Here comes another one and now there are 3.

3 little pumpkins are sitting on the floor.
Here comes another one and now there are 4.

4 little pumpkins, that we've seen arrive,
Are joined by another one and now there are 5.

5 little pumpkins are a marvelous sight,
Dressed up like jack-o-lanterns on Halloween night.


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