3 Ways to Play Halloween Math Games with Beverage Stickers

Beverage stickers are easy to use in kids math games. These fun ideas with beverage stickers are an easy to way to provide hands-on fun and learning with a dollar store item. 

preschool Halloween math games

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Kids look forward to all the special activities of the Halloween season: wearing costumes; trick-or-treating; decorating the home or classroom.

Crafts and games with a Halloween theme deliver additional excitement to the holiday. Dollar store items like these beverage stickers provide creative kids play ideas.

Before you apply the stickers to the water glasses in your table setting, use them for these simple math activities with your preschooler.

Here are a few ideas for card games using the beverage stickers. These are popular games that can be played by kids of all ages, with one child or several children at a time.

If you don't have beverage stickers, we have an easy option at the end of the post for creating your own set of memory cards!

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Halloween games with beverage stickers

The ghoulish faces on these stickers are perfect for Halloween themed activities.

To make the stickers more durable, they can be glued to a cardboard base.

After the games, decorate your cups with the stickers and enjoy a holiday refreshment!


Halloween go fish card game for preschoolers

1. Go Fish

For two players: Place the stickers in a pile face down on the table like a pack of cards. Each player draws one 'card'.

The first player asks the one next to him if he has a matching sticker. If he does, the pair is placed on the table and the players each draw another card.

If there is no match, the first player draws (fishes) a 'card' and play continues with the next player. Play continues around the table.


Halloween graphing game for kids

2. Graphing

Distribute all the stickers to the players. The first player places a sticker on the table.

The next player adds to it or places a different sticker next to it.

Play continues until all the stickers are placed one on top of the other. Kids then count the number of stickers in each row.


Halloween theme kids memory game

3. Memory Game

Place matching pairs of stickers face down on the table. The first player turns over one sticker and then another.

If the stickers are a match, the player removes them from the game and places them in a pile in front of him.

If there is no match, stickers are turned over and the next player takes a turn.

Make your own set of memory cards.

Kids can play math games with Halloween stickers


If you don't have the self-adhesive beverage stickers you can always make a set of Halloween cards using cardstock and a black marker. Kids can color the features with crayons or markers for a fun art activity.

Adding a Halloween twist to traditional games is fun for kids. See if you can come with other card games to play with the kids.


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