Halloween Crafts and Activities for Preschool

We've got all the Halloween crafts and activities you need for a fun event with kids. Pumpkins, puppets, jack-o-lanterns and more are waiting to be part of your holiday fun!

Halloween play ideas for kids

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Halloween will be your best event of the year with the resources you'll find here!

These Halloween crafts and activities provide fun opportunities for learning through play.

  • Put on a puppet show, make a wreath, practice scissor skills, draw and paint!

The activities are designed with kids in mind, to promote play-based learning. Early learners are encouraged to explore materials hands-on to use all their senses.

Experiences and processes in these activities are given more important than results. Provide a variety of materials with color and texture and let hands-on learning begin!

Enjoy these kid-friendly activities in your Halloween theme.

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Halloween crafts and activities

The projects are grouped into three sections: pumpkins, ghosts, witches and spiders. This makes it easy to choose just what you need for the day's activity.



Preschool pumpkin crafts for fall and Halloween


Provide a creative painting activity with a Burlap Pumpkin Craft.

Roll a pompom seed in a Pumpkin Patch Maze for some science and fine motor fun.

Choose from  40+ Activities with Real Pumpkins for some hands-on fun.

Pumpkins Creative Art Activity is easy with a craft stick painting tool.

Display Pumpkin Pictures in a Frame that kids paint and decorate.

Carving a jack-o-lantern can lead to a Painting With Pumpkin Pieces art activity.

A kids math activity is easy with a Paper Plate Pumpkin Puzzle.

Find the perfect costume for your jack-o-lantern for Halloween! What Hat Will My Jack-O-Lantern Wear?



Kids Halloween ghost activities


Cut out felt ghosts for this Halloween Ghosts Felt Board Activity

Recycle sponges for this Sponge Painting Ghosts  activity.

Explore Halloween art with Chalk Drawings on Foam Trays.

A puppet show with a Wooden Spoon Puppet supports imagination and language skills.

Explore the sights and sounds of Halloween with this What Will You See on Halloween Night?  art activity.

Preschool counting and sorting are fun with Halloween Math Games with Beverage Stickers.

Enjoy rhyming and singing with a homemade Felt Glove for Halloween Finger Plays.

Make a Reversible Felt Tree for Halloween Activities and any season of the year.

Homemade decorations can be as simple and amazing as this Halloween Wreath.


Witches and spiders

Spiders can be fun in this Spooky Spider Halloween Craft.

Make a Paper Shapes Halloween Witch for hands-on math and creative play.

Make a Halloween Broomstick to decorate your home or classroom.

A simple witch puppet is easy to make for Halloween pretend play. 


Halloween preschool and kindergarten crafts


Halloween STEAM

Inspire kids to experiment, explore and discover with hands-on activities.


Kids science resource ebook with Halloween theme


 Halloween Pinterest board 


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