What Will You See on Halloween Night Art Activity

Halloween night is filled with strange and wonderful sights that you don't see any other time of year: houses are decorated with ghosts and scarecrows; pumpkins are carved with toothy grins; kids are dressed up like robots, fairies, and dragons. Be creative with Halloween art, imagining what you might see on Halloween night.

Halloween night creative art activity - Preschool Toolkit

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Kids see Halloween everywhere - in the stories they read at circle time, in the costumes and candy displayed at the shopping mall, in the cookies they bring to school for the class party.

Providing opportunities for creative art projects will allow kids to reflect on what they experience at Halloween time, extending language experiences and supporting cognitive and fine motor skills.


Halloween night creative art activity - Preschool Toolkit


While this creative art activity needs little or no instruction, making a fence is a good starting point. You can suggest painting craft sticks white but be flexible if kids want to use other colors.  

Then start the conversation about things you might see or do at Halloween time. 


Halloween night creative art activity - Preschool Toolkit


Let the creative art process begin!

  • Provide a variety of materials that will spark imagination. If you don't have craft sticks, use discarded frozen treat sticks or broken clothespins (if you are like me you save this stuff!).
  • Instead of setting out large sheets of construction paper, cut various colors in smaller manageable pieces.
  • Add texture with foam and felt pieces.
  • Support options for adding different dimensions to the fence, or building a bridge instead of a fence.
  • Kids can make decisions on what goes in their pictures, and to cut out pumpkins, trees, ghosts or monsters without pre-cut patterns.

What do you think of when I mention Halloween night?  Jack-o-lanterns and silly monsters? Pointy witch hats and flying brooms?  Halloween is filled with so many options for kids activities.

In this open-ended activity, simply provide kids with a variety of materials to imagine and create at arts and craft time.

You'll find lots of craft ideas on my Halloween board on Pinterest.

And be sure to visit the made for kids linky party where you will find this art activity and many other resources from my blogger friends.

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