What Will You See on Halloween Night Art Activity

Halloween is filled with strange and wonderful sights that you don't see any other time of year. Kids can imagine not-so-spooky ghosts and grinning jack-o-lanterns with this simple Halloween Night art activity.

Halloween night creative art activity with paper cut-outs

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Kids see Halloween everywhere - in the stories read at circle time; in the costumes and candy displayed at the shopping mall; in special games played at the class party.

Providing opportunities for creative art projects will allow kids to reflect on what they experience at Halloween time, extending language experiences and supporting cognitive and fine motor skills.


Halloween Night Art Activity

  • craft sticks
  • white paint
  • ghost and pumpkin cutouts
  • tree cutout
  • black, orange and brown construction paper




Paint craft sticks to make a white picket fence



1. Paint craft sticks white for a picket fence.

  • Be flexible if kids want to use other colors.


2. Cut out tree, ghost and pumpkin shapes from construction paper.

  • Cut-outs can be made beforehand but you can also provide paper for kids to draw and cut out other characters such as black cats and witches hats.


 Pumpkins and ghosts on a craft stick fence Halloween art activity for preschoolers


3. Glue craft sticks to construction paper to make a fence.

  • Give kids the option of other colors for the background such as purple or dark blue.
  • Support kids ideas for using the craft sticks, such as building a bridge instead of a fence.


4. Glue tree, ghost and pumpkin cut-outs to the construction paper.


This Halloween Night art activity is easy to set up and needs little instruction. The fence is a good starting point to spark creativity.

Kids will be strengthening creative and fine motor skills as they cut and glue, design layouts, and choose cut-outs for their pictures.


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