Halloween Craft Stick Art for Kids

This creative art activity is filled with the sights of Halloween night. Kids can create pictures with pumpkins and ghosts and other Halloween characters to illustrate this special event.

Kids Halloween fine motor craft

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Halloween is filled with strange and wonderful sights! Kids see signs of Halloween in the costumes and candy displayed at the shopping mall; in the stories you read at circle time; in special games played at the class party.

Most Halloween sights are fun for kids, but some can be scary and unfamiliar. Kids can share their ideas about Halloween with the artwork they create.

This simple Halloween Night art activity lets kids imagine not-too-spooky ghosts, and grinning jack-o-lanterns. Kids can even create new characters to highlight Halloween night. 


Halloween art activity


Materials list for a Halloween art activity


Craft stick fence preschool art activity


Instructions for Halloween art

1. Paint craft sticks white for a picket fence. Allow to dry.

  • Kids may want to use other paint colors on the craft sticks. Follow their lead as they prepare the fence for the Halloween characters.


Halloween night preschool art activity with paper cutouts


2. Glue the painted craft sticks to construction paper to make a fence.

  • The fence is just a starting point to spark creativity. Kids should be supported if they choose to use the craft sticks in other ways - a house, a bridge, a door or window for example.

  • Provide the option of other colors of construction paper for the background, such as purple or dark blue.


3. Glue tree, ghost and pumpkin cutouts to the construction paper.

  • Cut out shapes and characters beforehand if preferred.

  • Find characters to cut out on cards and pamphlets.

  • Provide paper for kids to draw and cut out other symbols and characters.

  • You could also provide self-adhesive stickers for this activity.


This Halloween Night art activity is easy to set up and needs little instruction. 

Once the craft sticks are in place, kids can use their imaginations to choose cutouts, design layouts, and glue characters in place to make their pictures.

Art sessions provide opportunities for kids to reflect on their unique experiences. Talk about the ideas and images they choose as they engage with the materials. This will support skills development as they play and learn.


Halloween craft using craft sticks



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