Spooky Spider Fun and Easy Halloween Craft

Witches and cats, spiders and bats - Halloween crafts are good un-scary fun! This spooky black spider is easy to make and so is his spooky spider web.

Spooky spider Halloween craft - Preschool toolkit

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We admit we like spiders and we also like paint colors. We've put them together in a rainbow spider and a brown spider and we're bringing out the black paint for this Halloween craft.

This might be called a spooky spider activity but this spider actually looks quite friendly! Kids can have fun making the spider, then help the spider spin his web.


Spooky spider Halloween craft

Supplies for the spider
  • black paint
  • black chenille stems
  • craft eyes
  • hole punch
  • disposable cup
  • pompoms or felt or furry fabric 

Spooky spider Halloween craft

Instructions for the spider

1. Paint: Place the cup upside down on a foam tray. Turn the tray as you paint so you can reach all areas of the cup without getting your fingers in the paint!  Steady the cup by placing your pointer finger on the top as you paint.

Spooky spider Halloween craft

2. When the paint is dry, hole punch four times around the open rim of the cup.

3. Spider legs: Cut four chenille stems in half to make them just the right length for the spider legs. Push a chenille stem through one of the holes and twist in the middle to secure it to the cup while at the same time forming two legs . Bend the ends up.

Spooky spider Halloween craft

4. Complete the spider: Glue pompoms (or a round piece of furry fabric as shown) to the top of the spider's head.

5. Glue on two craft eyes.

This spooky spider is ready to spin his web! See the instructions below.

Spooky spider Halloween craft

Supplies for the web
  • round cake pan
  • black paint
  • white paper
  • marble.
Instructions for the spider web

1. Cut a piece of white paper to fit inside a shallow bake pan.

2. Drop a bit of black paint into the center of the pan.

3. Roll a marble around inside the pan through the paint, making thin crisscrossing lines resembling a spider web.

This Halloween craft wasn't scary at all! And the spider and his web are ready for Halloween fun!

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