Magic Mirror Preschool Pretend Play

This magic mirror is easy to make to add glamour and glitter to imaginative play. Our simple tutorial will help you and the kids make your own sparkly mirror to create some magical fun.

Magic mirror craft for preschool pretend play

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Pretend play is an effective way for kids to explore the world around them. Kids can safely interact in activities and challenges they create or initiate themselves, activities that provide lots of learning opportunities while they are having fun. 

Pretend play with a magic mirror promotes use of language and gross motor skills, as kids create new characters or recreate familiar ones; imitate voices and movements; and extend the play with other props.

Magic mirror pretend play

This activity was inspired by the children's story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Remember the line 'Mirror mirror on the wall'?

Kids can easily recreate the magic with a sparkly mirror and some awesome imagination.

Supplies for magic mirror craft


supplies for magic mirror pretend play activity


  •  oval foam packaging
  • paint
  • gems or confetti


1. If foam is not available, make the mirror with a piece of sturdy cardboard. Cut the cardboard into an oval shape, then remove the center in a similar oval shape, leaving a mirror frame 3-4 inches wide (7-10 cm).


Pretend play with a magic mirror craft for kids


2. Paint the mirror. We used blue for the frame and yellow for 'gold' trim.

3. Sprinkle paper confetti or glitter over the paint while it's wet. When the paint is dry, you can rub a glue stick over the mirror and add more glitter!

4. Glue beads, craft gems or other decorations onto the frame for 'jewels'.


mirror on the wall pretend play for kids


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How to play!

Games can be played with two or more children.

Here are some suggestions for how to play with your magic mirror. 


1. One child holds the mirror up to his face while another suggests a sound or expression for the child in the mirror to make.

Magic mirror on the wall.........

  • (child's name) is making the funniest/saddest/fiercest face of all.

2. One child holds the mirror up to his face and makes an expression while the other children name the expression.

3. One child holds the mirror up to his face and another child stands in front of the mirror. The child holding the mirror makes an expression on his face and the child facing the mirror copies the expression.


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