Awesome Outdoor Play Tree Puzzle

Build a puzzle from a tree trunk in this fun nature activity for kids. You can easily combine the love of puzzles and outdoor play with this awesome sensory and math play.  

outdoor tree math activity for preschoolers

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Kids love making puzzles in all shapes and sizes, and they also love outdoor play. An activity that combines the two is sure to be a hit with grownups and kids.

In this outdoor activity, a tree trunk can be used to make a life-sized nature puzzle. 

Engaging kids in creative outdoor experiences helps build developmental skills while having fun in natural settings.

Our tree puzzle provides outdoor fun with STEAM along with fine motor and sensory play. 

STEAM = Science+technology+engineering+art+math

See how the principles of STEAM apply at the end of the post!


Tree trunk puzzle activity

Make the puzzle

Cutting wood stump to make a puzzle



This tree stump in our backyard is what remains from a fallen spruce tree. It is roughly waist height and measures 5 inches (12 cm) in diameter. 

We cut three 2 inch (5 cm) sections from the tree stump. You don't need many sections (it's hard work cutting through the trunk!). Any number of pieces will spark curiosity in your early learner.


Tree puzzle outdoor science play

Once you have the puzzle pieces, place them on the tree stump in the original order.

Use characteristics of the tree stump to identify the order: the slant of the cut; the broken bark; the light and dark color of the wood.

You can also mark the sides of the trunk and each piece with black marker in order to place the pieces back in their original positions.

Here's a short video showing how we put the puzzle together!

Outdoor activity building a puzzle from a tree trunk


Tree stump outdoor puzzle science for kids



Examine the tree trunk

Observe tree rings outdoor activity


With the tree trunk cut into sections, this is a good time to explore the properties of the tree.

1. Look at the rings and trace them with a finger.

2. Peel off some bark.

3. Smell the fresh cut wood.

Use all your senses to explore the tree!

This tree puzzle is an awesome way to explore nature and have fun measuring, matching, and stacking!


Tree puzzle kids outdoor nature activity


Exciting resource for kids STEAM activities

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STEAM Kids ebook resource for science and art


How STEAM is used in this outdoor tree puzzle activity

science = observing the rings of tree trunk

technology = using a saw

engineering = choosing tree stump; planning placement and slant of cut

art = observing colors and textures of the wood

math = counting and measuring wood pieces; matching patterns


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