DIY Christmas Matching Game for Preschoolers

Christmas party games for the kids are fun to have around this time of year. This preschool matching game is easy to make using recycled Christmas wrap.

Christmas party game for preschoolers

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Let's play a game! No fancy materials required!

Simply upcycle some items you have around the house at Christmastime.

  • Reuse a holiday tablecloth or some wrapping paper for this simple math game with the kids.

Matching and sorting activities provide early learning for preschoolers. Adding a holiday theme with colorful materials inspires kids to play and learn. 

Repurposing items you have on hand means less cost and fuss for you. That's what makes ideas with everyday materials so inviting. 

Kids can play this DIY game at home or in the classroom.

Make this simple board game to have in your toolkit for easy go-to fun!

Christmas Board Game for Preschoolers

Supplies for a holiday board game

Wrapping paper or plastic table cloth


Scissors and glue


Instructions to make a Christmas board game


Christmas party board game for kids


Spread Christmas wrapping paper, a plastic disposable tablecloth, or a paper tablecloth kids can color on the floor or on a table. (affiliate links)

  • Choose wrap or a tablecloth with fun characters and patterns for your game board.

Cut to size.

If preferred, glue or tape the game board to a piece of cardboard or other firm surface.


kids-made board game for matching activities at Christmastime


Cut out playing pieces from a section of the wrapping paper. 

Glue the cutouts to cardboard to make them sturdy. Cover with contact paper if preferred for durability.


Ways to play the Christmas board game


homemade board game for preschool Christmas math play


Matching Game

Stack the playing cards (cutouts) face down.

Turn over a card and match it to the game board.

Game With Dice

Option 1: Roll the die.

Move a single playing piece across the game board the corresponding number of spaces.

Land on only the matching characters as you move your cutout across the board.


Option 2: Roll the die.

Place the corresponding number of game pieces on the board until all matching characters are filled.


Can you think of other ways to play the board game?

Kids can be creative with these matching games - counting and sorting, and talking about the characters as they play.

Easy Christmas games are fun to have on hand for play dates and family events.

This homemade kids game is a go-to everyone will love!


preschool party game board for Christmas activities



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